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10 Frisky Sex Trends

10 Frisky Sex Trends

It’s playtime! Learn about the top sex trends!

The Hustle did a two-part series on Sex(tech) trends and I wanted to share a few highlights with you.

Technology continues to integrate into our pleasure with sex toy purchases exploding during the pandemic. Are you ready to play?

Here are some of the top searches by volume on Amazon. The downside is that Amazon is not a good place to buy anything but junky, toxic knock-offs from China.

That’s why I wanted to give you my personal recommendations — tested and true — for the direct websites to the really good products that will delight you. That way you won’t be disappointed. The products I note below will feel great, work for you, and are healthy. People are always asking for my educated recommendations and I have the boxes full of bad toys to prove the hours I’ve spent trying things out to make sure you are satisfied.

sex trends
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  1. For premature ejaculation and stamina, you want to use PreLong from Dr. Brandeis. We just re-ordered inventory and it’s in stock now.
  2. For erectile strength, you want to use FLOW
  3. For vaginal lubrication and improved orgasmic sensation, you want to use FLOW.
  4. Vitamins for sex drive are our DESIRE trio. Take one bottle each month for 90-days to improve libido in people across the gender spectrum.
  5. For testosterone production, SupporT.
  6. For male urinary/prostate issues, SPUNK.

There you go, right on-trend. It’s time to support your sexual vitality with targeted supplements while playing with all kinds of pleasure toys!

If you use any of these products, I’d love to hear your comments.

Reference: Let’s Talk About Sex(tech)

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