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Hot Sex Date with All The Juicy Details! [Mailbag]

hot sex date

“I swear I was coming the entire time he was inside me. I had such a long, intense orgasm that he couldn’t hold back, and we peaked in a simultaneous, momentous final climax. What a hot sex date!”



Dear Suz,

Like you, I have been a coronavirus long-hauler, sick for seven months, and counting. Receiving your positive spirit has kept me going in some of my darkest hours.

My sex life has taken a hit due to my poor health. I’m finally starting to feel a little perkier and have begun the VFit protocol. At 54, I feel like my vagina has atrophied from lack of use this year. I didn’t want to have sex with my husband finally and then hurt myself.

I have been taking your FLOW supplements since early this year. When I realized COVID is a vascular disease, I wanted to support my blood flow and the endothelial system as much as possible. The FLOW helped me a lot with vaginal lubrication and engorgement.

Ever since I heard you say, your Yoni (vagina) will hold a grudge if you have sex that is not pleasurable, I made sure I asked my husband for what I need to enjoy myself.

Today our kids were out of the house for the day (yay!), so we planned a lovemaking date. I wanted to share what we did on our hot sex date with you because you’re the one who inspired how fabulous it was!

My husband, JD, and I got showered and groomed. JD is now manscaping, and I am so much more inclined to pleasure him orally. Thank you for encouraging me to encourage him to groom below the belt. We use the trimmer and orbital shavers, and they work great. He loves me smooth and says it’s incredible when he goes down on me.

Then we put the waterproof mattress cover on to protect our bed with another fitted sheet on top, just like you recommend. I like being able to relax and not worry about oil spilling on my bedcovers.

I got out a big stack of fluffy towels, all my sex toys, and our organic sweet almond oil and avocado oil. Thanks for explaining that most lubes are toxic. I am trying to keep my body pristine to help my healing.

Since you said that most couples don’t use sex toys during lovemaking, I vowed to up our game. I’ll get to what I do in a bit, but first…

I knew I would need a long, slow, languorous Yoni massage. First, JD gave me a belly rub to relax me. Then he worked is way down to my labia. He spent so much time kneading, rubbing, and loving my external area, never touching my vagina or clitoris at all. He didn’t rush me in any way.

I saw my labia go from flaccid to plump under his loving touch. Once I learned from you about engorgement, I knew that was one of the essential foreplay aspects. It’s cool watching my Yoni blossom. We both get turned on by it.

After about 15 minutes of external vulva massage, I traded places with my husband. He laid back, and I went down on him. I took my time. I was just enjoying his soft, sensual penis on my lips and tongue. The more relaxed I am, the more saliva I produce. I just played with his penis in my mouth and let my saliva come in.

Once I’d worked him deep inside my mouth, I asked him to wrap his strong hand around the back of my neck and massage me while I went down on him. I also have lingering neurological-inflammation from coronavirus, and my brain stem is still very sore.

The rubbing of my neck under his strong, masculine hands, while I was taking him deep inside my mouth, turned me on. I had a few mouthgasms, and that woke up my pussy. She started to clench and twitch. Signs of life! Woooo!

I enjoyed his tool for a few more minutes, and then we switched back massaging my vagina. I like going back and forth from me to him with no rushing.

This time he lubed his hands up and was ready to play with my clitoris and G-Spot. It felt so fabulous. I missed these Yoni massages so much, but I’d just felt too sick to ever be in the mood. It was good to begin to regain my libido.

When it was time for him to change positions again — the old knees get stiff — I went down on him again. He played with my breasts and nipples while I orally pleasured him. This always gets me off so amazingly well. The combination of his penis in my throat and his hands on my nipples is truly divine. We learned about this “stimulating sex position” from watching your Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

By this time, our hot sex date was reaching it’s climax and my Yoni was ripe and ready for him. I climbed on top of him reverse cowgirl style to watch each other in our bedroom mirror. He was sitting up against the headboard; I had my back to him. He was stimulating my nipples and thrusting inside me. I was holding

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and riding wave after wave of orgasm.

When my knees got tired again, we shifted to me lying on my back in Vibrator Quickie position on page 18 of your 7 Stimulating Sex Positions illustrated guide. We’ve tried them all! What a hot sex date!


I used my

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while he was inside me. I love that vibrator so much. Thank you for the excellent recommendation.

We spent so much time warming me up that intercourse felt heavenly! I swear I was coming the entire time he was inside me. I had such a long, intense orgasm that he couldn’t hold back, and we peaked in a simultaneous, momentous final climax.

Thank goodness our kids didn’t get home for another hour. It took me that long to regain my composure and ability to speak!

You’ve done so much good for our sex life, Suz. My husband has never been so happy and satisfied, nor have I. And we loved our hot sex date!

I’m using my sexual and orgasmic energy to accelerate my healing. Thank you for all you do. I hope you are continuing to feel better too. Nobody can imagine how sick some of us get from COVID. I’m glad to be among the living and loving again.

I Appreciate You,

Jacqueline and JD — Montana

In today’s email, this Blue Love image is by a Personal Life Media fan and artist, Devy Wolff. See more of his sensual artistry at

“Susan, If they ever build the Temple of Love, you should be installed as the Highest Priestess 🙂 You know it all :)” — Devy Wolff

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Blue Love took a horizontal position, never thought about this way, but perhaps very appropriate in your context, I just had a chuckle about it!!
    I hope it will be noticeable in its abstract form 🙂 Not conventionally very explicit!

    Again, I love what you are doing!!!!

    With Love,


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