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How To Get A Multi-Orgasmic Girlfriend (Mailbag)

how to make her orgasm multiple times

For a guy to run the bedroom experience well enough so that she surrenders to him, she must first feel secure in his ability to keep her sexual energy high… he has to know how to give her multiple orgasms over time.

Women often push for quickies (despite knowing she usually won’t get an orgasm from them) because they don’t think their lover has the skills to provide enough pleasure.

Her sexual energy drops because he drops the ball, and she doesn’t want to expend the strength to keep it going. She just wants to stop.

If he demonstrates his desire for her, verbally expresses how sexually irresistible she is to him, and has an adequate supply of communication and orgasm techniques, he can carry the experience well enough to allow her to experience sexual pleasure.

And when a woman has surrendered to pleasure… oh, the heights you can take her.

A reader sent an email asking how highly he can sexually take his lover regarding her orgasms.

Check out his email and my response below.

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“Hi, Susan. I have a question. My girlfriend says once she orgasms, she’s done for the night.

Is this common in some women? And if so, is there a way to allow her to continue?

I’ve read some of your articles, and you say women can go on for much longer than guys. So I’m thinking there may be something wrong with how we have sex.

Looking forward to hearing from you!” — Leroy (not his real name)


Hi, Leroy.

It’s mostly her limiting belief. Women have an ocean’s worth of sexual capability inside them. However, she just needs to nurture her sensual nature.

She’s naturally multi-orgasmic. But she doesn’t know it yet.

Many women don’t feel they can turn on their ability to achieve multiple orgasms with a snap of their fingers.

She has to work on herself. And it’s your responsibility to provide a warm, safe, and loving environment for her to surrender to her sexuality.

Turning her from a loving girlfriend/wife to a naughty nympho takes time.

This is the program that will help you the most.

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Here are some articles you may want to read together tonight.

She will love them.

The first is about a 5-stroke technique that brings a woman to her “Expanded” orgasm state. This is when she can prolong and extend her orgasms to not only a few minutes but an hour and more.

This technique was so controversial and exciting when it first caught steam that the practitioners resorted to starting sex cults.

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Here’s another article you will love.

This one is about a clitoral erection technique that magnifies and multiplies her pleasure.

Many women don’t feel the sensual pleasure they’re supposed to feel during sex and stimulation. Their body has learned to shut out the sensation as a defense mechanism against the dogmas and negativity surrounding a woman’s sexuality, even in today’s culture.

This sets her inner sexual beast free.

Clitoral Erection Technique ⇐ Closing The Orgasm Gap And Multiplying A Woman’s Sexual Pleasure

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