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How To Have A Calmness Practice

A quick calmness practice inside… It’s as simple as five long deep breaths in and out to calm your nervous system. Repeat this as you think about things for which you are grateful… It has an immediate calming effect on your nervous system.

Are you safe and sound?

We’ve been quiet over here because of all that’s going on.

I wanted to give you a break from our emails. We are sensitive to the fact that there are more important things you have to take care of right now.

Yet many of our loyal readers have been emailing to check on us.

Craig wrote to me, “I haven’t seen any emails from you recently and wanted to make sure you guys are ok. You’re what I refer to as a life-giver. Whenever I see your emails I feel better. You make life better for others. Thanks for sharing your light. It’s been an interesting year so far with everything going on in the world. Wishing you great health and abundance.”

Everyone here is fine.

Dr. Patti, Tallulah, Sloane, Jim, our whole team here at PLM and The 20 scattered across the world… we are all working from our homes, keeping our families safe from Texas, the Philippines, India, Israel and all the way to your gal pals here in California. ❤️ Everyone is OK.

We are holding YOU in our hearts.


This time may be one of the most momentous in our collective history. As I told our team, everyone is safe. We will be able to weather this storm.

But we realize that is not true for everyone.

A simple calmness practice that anyone can do right now:

Today we are breathing five long deep breaths in and out to calm our nervous system.

As we do, we are holding you in our hearts, sending you our love and support and letting you know you mean the world to us.

When you breathe in through your nose for a count of five…

Then breathe out through your nose for a count of five…

And repeat this five times as you think about things for which you are grateful…

It has an immediate calming effect on your nervous system.

If you are lucky enough to have a partner, take a moment today to hold them and do these gratitude breaths together.

I’m grateful for:

  • Having you in my life.
  • Going through my personal journey of almost losing the love of my life because I didn’t understand my sexuality… which transformed into helping so many others achieve a level of sexual satisfaction they never dreamed possible…
  • All of us miraculous human beings on this planet…
  • The animals that surround us and the beauty of Mother Nature
  • The excitement of life and knowing that struggles make us stronger…
  • That market disruptions create new opportunities
  • And that this too shall pass.

Grateful Heart

Comment below and let me know what you’re grateful for.

And each time you feel contracted, do this Gratitude Breath and calmness practice.

Pass it on.

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susan holding tims face

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  1. I thank you for your concern, and thank my God for being here to help us all if we listen to him. I enjoy the communication skills that have been prsented. I have to stay away from the more open nudity and more open form for non married couples because I want not to dwell on them. Sence my ex-wife still has no desire for a physical relationship and has secluded herself in her home to stay out of contact from everyone during this vious-19 ( which she is wise) (to protect herself). Those just entice me to want it more. My God does not want me to dwell on them.

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