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Learn About The Mighty Voltamin! (FUNNY PIC)

Night Heroes

A daily vitamin is an excellent way to support your immune system.

I can’t say you’ll dance as well as Spidey, Superman, Batman, and Captain America when you take our new multi-vitamin multi-mineral complex.

But since each dose has 300 mg of libido-support botanicals inside, you might just be shaking your booty a little sexier! 

And when you scroll down below, I’ll explain why it’s not just fun and games with these vitamins. Each libido botanical is its superhero that will save your intimate life before you can say “ASS-EMBLE!” 


Instead of a multi-vitamin, I’ve taken to calling our new Libido Trio

The Mighty Voltamins!

LIBIDO TRIO ⇐ The Mighty Voltamins

Desire Trio


Here are our recommended dosages.

2 FLOW daily

2 of either DESIRE with Fenugreek, DESIRE with Tribulus, or DESIRE with Tongkat Ali daily. (That’s a 90-day supply. Don’t take all three at the same time.)

Take two capsules daily of the blood flow supplement called FLOW.

Every morning when you take two capsules and think about electrifying your sex life, the mind/body connection to your libido gets stronger.

A daily vitamin is an excellent way to support your immune system.

Now we’ve made it better. We put a libido botanical right in your daily vitamin.

Take two capsules of the libido vitamin of your choice daily from one of the DESIRE Libido Trio. It’s a 90-day supply. Each bottle has the same vitamin-mineral complex. Each has a DIFFERENT libido botanical.

That’s the simple plan.

They are the smallest size capsule possible to fit the effective recommended libido botanical dosage while also giving you a daily vitamin/mineral with the very high-quality methyl-folate instead of folic acid.

You can choose whichever libido vitamin appeals to you most to take for the first 30 days.

Try Our DESIRE Libido Trio ⇐ The Mighty Voltamins (Daily Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement With Libido-Boosting Superherbs)

Each of the three libido vitamins has a different botanical:

Fenugreek contains a specialized type of soluble fiber called galactomannan. It slows the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

It’s rich in steroid-like saponins that help bile flow and stabilize blood sugar levels.

A 2009 study suggests that Fenugreek may lower insulin resistance. Another 2017 study showed that Fenugreek supplements might reduce fasting blood sugar. 

Fenugreek has been used for thousands of years in Western Asia and the Mediterranean for its health benefits. 

Fenugreek supports healthy glucose levels and improved libido. Fenugreek is also purported to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Fenugreek Seeds


Tongkat Ali has been part of traditional Southeast Asian medicine for centuries. It’s often used to treat fever, erectile dysfunction, and bacterial infections.

Studies suggest that Tongkat Ali may also positively affect male fertility, stress relief, and body composition.

This libido botanical contains flavonoids, alkaloids, and other compounds that act as antioxidants. These compounds fight cellular damage caused by free radicals.

It’s also known to support healthy libido and sexual vitality in men and women.

Tongkat Ali


Tribulus is one of the top 3 libido-boosting botanicals that studies have shown to affect men and women positively.

It originates from Ayurvedic medicine from ancient Indian civilizations and TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tribulus has been shown to promote healthy blood glucose and blood pressure levels. 

It also may have a positive effect on those with anxiety and depression. Tribulus has also been shown to positively impact pain, arthritis, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions. 



300 mg per day of Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, or fenugreek is the effective dose, according to, the leading medical research company that provides unbiased metadata on supplementation.

However, your body can acclimate to botanical compounds. That is why it’s recommended to cycle through Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and Fenugreek each month.

Take the first bottle for thirty days, then move on to the second bottle and finish the 90 days with the third.

This allows plant medicine to peak in your system.

Notice How Each Plant Affects Your Libido Differently.

Listen to your body. Does it feel sexier? Are you more aroused? Do you feel hornier? Do you see more blood flow to your genitals? Are you having more frequent sexy thoughts? Has sex become more pleasurable? Are you in the mood more often?

Every person’s physiology is unique. You may respond to one of the botanicals entirely different from the others.

In the second month, take the second bottle. See how that makes you feel. Are you more sexually self-expressed? Are your orgasms stronger? Is there more lubrication or volume of fluids? Tuning in to your felt experience and your state of mind will give you feedback on what feels suitable for you.

In the third month, take the final bottle. Can you make sweet love last longer? Does your fluid taste sweeter? Are you feeling heart-expanded? There is no right or wrong.

In addition to the libido vitamin trio, you get FLOW.

Try Our DESIRE Libido Trio ⇐ The Mighty Voltamins (Daily Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement With Libido-Boosting Superherbs)

nitric oxide daily vitamin


FLOW is a blood flow supplement that gives you circulatory support to increase blood flow to your brain, your heart, and all your parts.

FLOW for lubrication and clitoral erection for her. FLOW for firm erections for him.

daily vitamin
Flow Emails 800

FLOW supports your Nitric Oxide systems. It’s not for bodybuilders. It’s for middle-aged people who want to keep their blood flow-optimized as they age. Just as our hormones wane with age, our body’s ability to produce the gaseous signaling molecule that relaxes our blood vessels also decreases. Our body gets less able to send blood to our periphery, including our genitals.

Up To 33% OFF On FLOW ⇐ 3 Bottles Every 3 Months Option (plus FREE Shipping for US-based orders over $50 or International Orders over $75)

You can take two capsules of FLOW anytime. You can take two more before lovemaking. You can take some anytime you need extra blood flow, but these do not have the same amount that young men take for body-building. That’s too big a dosage for daily consumption.

FLOW also does not have arginine in it.

Most nitric oxide boosters include arginine, which many people fear will increase herpes outbreaks.

FLOW is a high-quality formulation made of citrulline from organic watermelon, nitrates from organic spinach, procyanidin flavonoids from pine bark, Vitamin C from organic acerola cherries for absorption and n-acetylcysteine to enhance vasodilation.

Our nitric oxide production is vital to life, and our body has multiple systems to produce this “miracle molecule.” FLOW works on various pathways.

Remember that these are supplements to support your body. The daily multivitamin/multi-mineral complex gives your body the micronutrients it cannot make.

Similar to our hormone system, our body’s ability to produce NO declines as we age. Once you’re over 40, supplementing with precursors to Nitric Oxide production supports many vital functions, including blood flow to your urogenital system.

In an Italian study, “Those 60 and older had vasodilation 52 percent weaker — less than half as strong as those 30 and younger. These were older people who did not have high blood pressure!”

When you purchase the DESIRE Libido TRIO of a 90-day supply of libido vitamins, you can add FLOW to your order to save on shipping.

daily vitamin

And yes, couples can share the supplements.

Up To 33% OFF On FLOW ⇐ 3 Bottles Every 3 Months Option (plus FREE Shipping for US-based orders over $50 or International Orders over $75)

Click Here For The DESIRE Trio ⇐ Daily Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement With Libido-Boosting Superherbs 

Susan Bratton Flow

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