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Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, and Tribulus Terrestris Explained

Here are the three plants that support healthy intimacy. 

The tribulus is a yellow flower. Tongkat Ali is the root that looks like ginger. Fenugreek is the little golden seed.

They come from different parts of the world. They’ve been used for thousands of years in our ancestral wisdom to feel more desire. They are 3 of the five most highly tested intimacy botanicals on humans.

The other two is cacao, which you can get by eating 70% or higher dark chocolate daily. A square will do, and it’s a nice treat. The other is Maca, a root from South America.

It takes 300 mg of Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, or Fenugreek daily to support intimacy, health, and wellness. But it takes 3 grams of Maca. This means it’s unsuitable for putting in a capsule because you’d have to take six giant capsules. Maca is best if you sprinkle it in your morning smoothie. This is why I did not include Maca in my vitamins.

I wanted you to have an efficacious dose of a well-studied intimacy botanical included in your daily vitamin-mineral complex in just two capsules daily.

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t would be silly to take an intimacy booster if you were not supporting your micronutrient and mineral needs. That would be like waxing your car but being out of gas.

Get your daily essentials with B-Complex featuring B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and B12, and Vitamins A, C, D3, E, and more, plus Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Boron, Selenium, Zinc, and more to support hormones, insulin, cholesterol, and immune function.

Our vitamins include B9 in the form of 5-MTHF, a bioavailable methyl folate source vastly superior to folic acid, which is cheap crap.

Flow 3 Ingredients

Together, these are my DESIRE Libido Trio line of supplements.

• DESIRE with 300 mg of Fenusterols® Fenugreek Extract per serving.

• DESIRE with 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract (45% Saponins) per serving.

• DESIRE with 300 mg of daily Longjack, aka Tongkat Ali 100:1 Root Extract from the plant Eurycoma Longifolia per serving.

These three botanicals work as well on men as women. I made them for couples to take together. You can share these vitamins. 

Take DESIRe with Fenugreek the first month. DESIRE with Tribulus the second month. And DESIRE with Tongkat Ali the third month. Or in whichever order you prefer. 

Take FLOW every day with it. And take an Omega 3 fish oil. That is your three-legged stool of health.


These botanicals help with healthy hormone production, adrenal and thyroid function, and blood flow. These herbals affect multiple systems in your body associated with intimacy. 

They offer additional benefits such as glucose regulation, support for fatty liver, insulin management, and cholesterol regulation.

However, SOME people should not take intimacy vitamins.

Skip DESIRE with Fenugreek if you’re on blood thinners because Fenugreek is a natural blood thinner.

Bypass DESIRE with Tribulus if you’re on diabetes medication or antihypertensive pharmaceuticals. Tribulus Terrestris may lower blood sugar. It may also lower blood pressure, so ask your doctor if you’re on antihypertensives, ACE inhibitors, or diuretics.

Avoid DESIRE with Tongkat Ali if you have hormone-sensitive cancer, liver or kidney disease, or sleep apnea, as Tongkat Ali may raise testosterone levels. It may lower blood pressure and glucose, so ask your doctor if you’re on a blood thinner or anti-hypertensive.

Please take extra caution if you’re in delicate health. If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot of pharmaceuticals, please talk to your doctor before taking our supplements. We genuinely care about you; no order is worth anyone’s health. Be extra careful.

If you’re healthy, get BETTER by taking our vitamins, blood flow supplements, and omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil or algae-based supplements.

That is your foundation for health!

If you’re a couple, you can share the supplements. It may take ten days to notice the intimacy botanical kick in. It has to build up in your system.

It’s prudent to cycle through the three botanicals—one per month over 90 days. If you constantly take the same botanical, your body becomes accustomed to it, and the potency feels like it wanes.

I put a different botanical in each of the three vitamin minerals. The base is the same between all three—it’s just a different botanical for each. 

You want to take the vitamins and minerals daily and cycle through the three botanicals.

FLOW is the blood flow supplement you want to take every day. 

OK, email me if you have any questions.

Click Here For The DESIRE Trio ⇐ Daily Supplement For Overall Health

Get Up To 25% OFF On FLOW Here ⇐ Save By Getting A 6-Month Supply (For All Customers Worldwide)

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