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Squirting Guide #2 of 4: Can All Women Squirt?

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“He Said The Magic Words, Just Let It All Go, Baby.”

This email is for everyone who wants to discover the joys of female ejaculation (otherwise known as squirting orgasms). Thousands of lovers first experienced the sensual explosions of pleasure through our best-selling program Female Liquid Orgasm.

Female Liquid Orgasm info for men.

Female Liquid Orgasm info for women.

A woman’s ejaculate has many of the same components as a man’s without the semen. His is more white and sticky; hers is clear and watery. 

When a woman gets aroused, several chemical and hormonal reactions occur in her body. The fluid from her Skene’s glands and flows into her bladder is a prostatic fluid of arousal that doesn’t smell or taste like urine. 

There may, however, be small amounts of urine and urea in her ejaculate. When tested in the lab, the female ejaculate contains high amounts of glucose, prostatic fluid, and water. 

Ejaculate is safe to drink, and it tastes different depending on where she is in her cycle. 

Sometimes it tastes like sweet hay; sometimes, it has almost no taste. Vitamins can alter the taste of her ejaculate. 


Female Ejaculate: Where Does All The Liquid Come From? 

A woman’s ejaculate comes from the Skene’s glands, popularly known as the female prostate, located at the lower end of the urethra on the upper vaginal wall. (That’s right… women have a prostate, too!) 

Several ducts called paraurethral glands feed the fluid into the urethral canal inside the spongy mound with G-Spot ridges. When this area is stimulated and she gets aroused, the paraurethral glands fill with fluid and engorge with blood. When she has a squirting orgasm, her fluids travel through the urethral canal. 

But don’t be fooled—just because fluid comes from the bladder does not mean it’s pee. 

Don’t believe it? Want proof? You HAVE to see this video by science-geek sexpert ______, who set out to PROVE female ejaculation isn’t pee. 

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The design of her urethra is quite remarkable; it has a “valve” that prevents her ejaculate from mixing with her pee. 

Just like a man urinates and ejaculates from his urethra that runs down his penis, he doesn’t pee when he ejaculates.

In certain studies, women who were catheterized had their bladders completely orgasm. Although the fluid came from the bladder, it was not urine.

A woman may ejaculate by consciously pushing the fluid out or squirt involuntarily. Some women ejaculate once during a lovemaking session, and others do several times. 

Her fluid can dribble, gush, spurt, or squirt out of her vagina. Think of a garden hose with multiple settings, and you’ll understand how variable women’s anatomy can be. Some women release a few drops, others a cupful or more. We know one woman who can fill a quart-sized Ball jar with female ejaculate!

How Many Women Are Squirting In Real Life?

As stated above, squirting orgasms are every woman’s birthright. But this wet, wonderful body miracle is elusive for some. One of the most asked questions is: “How many women ejaculate when they orgasm?”

We at Personal Life Media were also curious about this, so we teamed up with Sheri Winston, author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, to find out.

Here’s what our survey of over 1,700+ women from different age groups revealed: 

  • Of all the respondents, only 1% didn’t know what female ejaculation was.
  • Only 62% of the women in our survey reported having experienced female ejaculation.
  • Of the women aged 34-49, 50-64, 65 and older, 62% had already enjoyed squirting orgasms, and 50% from the 20-24 age group claimed they had tried squirting.
  • 6% of women said they “always” squirt.
  • 41% said they “usually” do.
  • 42% said it’s hit-or-miss, and they only ejaculate “sometimes.”
  • 23% said they “rarely” ejaculate.
female ejac survey

Women who don’t squirt (yet!) are often simply misinformed. Female ejaculation is widely misunderstood. Now you can dispel the myths and enjoy this amazing, beautiful part of female sexuality. 

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Is She More Likely To Ejaculate During Lovemaking? 

You’d expect the answer to this question would be “Yes.” It seems logical to assume that women would ejaculate more during sizzling sex, especially when their lover is eager to help. 

But the numbers tell a different story. 

Only 41% of women said they “usually” squirt during intercourse, and only 6% claimed they “always” do.

That means more than half of the women who took the survey don’t consistently achieve splashing, gushing orgasms, even during sex. Not even with the help of their partners. 

This could be because these women don’t fully know how to achieve female ejaculation, or their men don’t know how to make a woman squirt.  

Sometimes women just don’t feel like squirting. Sometimes a woman just doesn’t get to the level of arousal required to ejaculate. Hydration levels also factor into a woman’s ability to release. 

But our survey did reveal some exciting statistics for lovers: 53% of “she-jaculators” say they are more likely to achieve wet nirvana when having sex with their partner. 

Only 20% reach nirvana by masturbating. 27% said it’s the same whether with a partner or going solo. 

This indicates that, for the women who do ejaculation, their partners make them feel extra special and extra good. 

How much ejaculate is normal to release, and how does it come out?

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Again, each woman is unique, so there is no “normal.” But here is the wet, wetter, and super-soaked breakdown: 

Quantity of fluid:

  • 1% report releasing a few drops.
  • Nearly 11% said “a small amount.”
  • 22% ejaculate “more than a little, less than a lot.”
  • 35% said the amount “varies from time to time.”
  • A whopping 31% said that “it floods!” These are the women who release so much ejaculate they consider themselves super-soakers.
quantity of ejaculate

As for how the liquid emerges, our survey revealed:

  • For 8% of women, “it arcs.”
  • In 10% of women, “it dribbles.”
  • 46% report that “it varies.”
  • For 35% of women, their ejaculate “floods.”
liquid emerges

Are Ejaculation And Orgasm The Same Thing? 

Good question. 

We, too, were curious. We wanted to know if our pet theory — that ejaculation and orgasm are separate systems in the body — bore out in the experience of the 1,700 women who answered our survey.

So we asked if their ejaculatory orgasms tend to coincide with their usual vaginal/clitoral orgasms or not. Here are the results: 

When asked how often they ejaculate without having an orgasm: 

  • 5% answered “always.”
  • 14% said “usually.”
  • 31% said “sometimes.”
  • 22% said rarely.
  • 27% reported that they rarely ejaculate without having an orgasm.
frequency without orgasm

Asked how often they ejaculate with a vaginal/clitoral orgasm:

  • 1.5% said, “Never (because I’m not orgasmic).”
  • 6% said “always.”
  • 24% said “usually.”
  • 43% said “sometimes.”
  • 18% said “rarely.”
ejaculation survey chart can all women squirt

As it turns out, orgasm and squirting do not necessarily happen simultaneously. 

That means the popular phrase “female ejaculatory orgasm” is a misnomer. 

The good news is that you can still enjoy the sweet release if you’re squirting but not climaxing. 

Consider female ejaculation a different kind of “orgasm.”

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