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How Many Times Can A Girl Squirt?

Learn the answer to how many times can a girl squirt.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience the lovely and awesome feeling of squirting through oral and fingering, OMG! That’s an amazing feeling!”

This is for everyone who wants to discover the joys of female ejaculation (otherwise known as squirting orgasms) and learn the answer to how many times can a girl squirt. Thousands of lovers first experienced the sensual explosions of pleasure through our best-selling program Female Liquid Orgasm.

Female Liquid Orgasm info for men.
Female Liquid Orgasm info for women.

When I first heard about female ejaculation, I just had to have the experience.

Initially, I pushed out in an effort to ejaculate but could only feel a little extra moistness in my vagina that my hubby couldn’t detect at all. And even that little dribble wouldn’t happen every time.

Eventually, I could feel a little wetness each time and my ejaculation evolved from there. My husband started seeing a little spring of fluid come out of me, and there was a noticeable wet spot on the bed.

At that point, we started putting down a towel every time we made love. Soon, the little spring would fill up and release multiple times. My husband would give me short breaks, then continue stroking and I’d ejaculate 5 to 10 times.

We continued to practice, gaining more and more knowledge about my body, and eventually, my ejaculate started running out of me and down between my labia and soaking the towel. That’s when we got a waterproof sheet (baby crib sheets work great) because so much ejaculate was coming out of me I’d soak through two towels! How many times can a girl squirt?

If you’re a woman who wants to know how many times can a girl squirt or experience the magic of squirting…

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Each ejaculation got better and better.

I noticed that my stomach muscles were really contracting and my vaginal walls would clamp down on my husband’s fingers just before I ejaculated. He’d feel the contraction and then stroke rhythmically using different finger strokes he learned from Female Liquid Orgasm.

One day my ejaculate squirted out like a little sprinkler, pshh… pshh… pshh…

My abdominal muscles had gotten so strong the ejaculate was coming out of me with gusto. Nowadays I often squirt like a little hose, sometimes so much fluid comes out I get my feet wet!

Again, how many times can a girl squirt?

That’s how women tend to evolve their ability to ejaculate. In the beginning, it’ll happen sporadically and she may only release a teaspoonful or two. Then she’ll squirt more regularly and a couple of tablespoons will come out.

Eventually, she’ll be coming about a dozen times in a row. Sometimes she’ll ejaculate a little spritz and sometimes a cup or more will gush out of her and drench the bed. It’s super hot and you get to enjoy the pleasure together!

So start small. See if you can get moistness. Then a little spring, a little squirt,  and then a gush. Work your way up. Give and receive lots of feedback. She should drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after.

Men, make sure you tell her, “good girl” and “that’s beautiful” or whatever she likes to hear. Give her compliments. Tell her what you see. Encourage her. Give her hugs and kisses. And encourage her to let it rip.

Give her as much stroking as it takes to ejaculate. Each time she comes, let her rest a bit then ask if she’d like to go for another.

Often, with a very short refractory period, she’ll want another orgasm and another and another, each more intense until she’s totally spent. Remember, each session will be different so stay open to what’s right for her at the moment.

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If you’ve ever wondered how many times a woman can squirt in a single sitting…

Of course, there is no right answer to this question because every woman is unique and every sexual encounter is unique. The only way to answer the question is to see what happens.

That said, here are some general concepts to help you relax into whatever happens:

  • EVERY woman has the physical ability to ejaculate multiple times in a lovemaking session. (It’s a learned skill.)
  • The likelihood that she will ejaculate increases dramatically if she has a healthy sexual appetite and is interested in doing so.
  • Her hormones fluctuate so results may vary.
  • Female ejaculation isn’t a spigot you simply turn on and let the waters flow, nor is it a drip system you can set with a timer. A woman’s ability to ejaculate tends to evolve over time. The more she ejaculates, the more fluid she can squirt. As she gains confidence in her ability to let go and go with her flow, the more pleasure she gets from the experience.

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Female Liquid Orgasm info for men.
Female Liquid Orgasm info for women.

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