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Soul Nourishment At The Right Time

Susan talking about EHOT for Soul nourishment

When do you think is the right time to have a sensual soul nourishment?

Expanded O Practice ⇐ 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program

I started this fun little thing with my husband recently… and I wanted to share it for you to try.

It works on everyone and we all need it more than ever.

What is it?

Words of encouragement.

This works just as well on social media, over internet video, and in person.

When my husband has done something smart (which he does many times a day) I say:

What a good idea.
You’re right!
I’m so glad you’re my guy.

When he talks to me, I put down what I’m doing and give him my undivided attention.

When he does something around the house I say:

That was so helpful.
You’re doing a great job.

When he helps others I say:

You’re making a difference.
You’re helping others.

Acknowledging that he is a smart and able provider makes him feel successful.

And I’ve noticed him start saying, “You’re right!” back to me.

Kindness is contagious too.

The masculine truly appreciates this kind of acknowledgment. Especially if he’s not going out to work every day right now. And if he is, it’s so hard out there he needs this extra boost!

For the feminine, showing interest in her so she feels seen and heard is very important in soul nourishment.

In stressful times, she needs to know he cares about her well-being… that she matters to him.

Women have extra emotions to process during this time. Just listening to her talk is a gift you give a woman. That’s what girlfriends do for each other… we listen.

When our partner just listens, we feel respected.

And don’t forget, acknowledging a woman’s beauty, even when she’s been in her pajamas all week, counts double.

When you notice her, it melts her heart (and her pajama panties).

If you’re feeling ready to connect to each other in new intimate ways…

To slough off the drama of the world and escape into moments between the two of you…

I highly recommend the Expanded Orgasm 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program for soul nourishment.

EHOT Bedroom


The core of the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program is organized into three cycles that ensure you learn the technique from three very potent perspectives: body, energy, and awareness.

It’s powerfully structured to fully engage you –and your partner’s –whole being through a series of daily dates.

You can stretch them out over time or do one each day for the next three weeks.

I really like this new video Susan made about her Expanded Orgasm practice with Tim. I can’t believe it’s been over 15 years since I taught them this soul-nourishing technique! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch.)


If there’s EVER been a time to learn the Expanded Orgasm practice it’s now.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ As Fulfilling For Him as it is For Her!

Discover what expanded orgasm is now.

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