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Soulmate Feedback Loop

Soulmate Feedback Loop

Some lovers are missing out on a simple tool that could multiply your intimacy and passion by leaps and bounds.

The simple tool I’m talking about it “Feedback.”

Many couples don’t know how to give (and receive) feedback in a constructive loverspace. (Loverspace is what I call the special place where you are intimate.)

Now, ask yourself…

How much fun, intimacy, and passion would you and your lover have if you regularly received feedback… and actually welcomed it?

You would be amazed if you thought about it.



It can be positive or negative. It can be about your relationship, intimacy, finances, communication… anything.

The content of the feedback itself isn’t as important as being honest, open, vulnerable, and received positively.

Think about it.

We can’t develop lover skills without practice. And we don’t get practice because we don’t know how to give each other feedback.

We don’t know if we’re doing the right things… or NOT doing anything right at all.

Is your communication good?

Is intimacy exquisite?

Is passion still as fiery as before?

Are your thoughts, opinions, and requests heard and actioned?

Is your input respected?



Here’s an easy way to get started on practicing giving and receiving feedback.

Have fun giving each other massages and making requests during the massage.

Tell your partner how to do it just how you want it.

Then have them do you, and give them feedback this time around.

And in the future, you can move on to things like how your partner looks, eats, sleeps, listens to you, and shows you how much they love you.

The more open and welcome your feedback loop is, the better your relationship is going to be.

These are just a few simple ways you can incorporate healthy feedback into your relationship.

Another way is to receive advice and feedback from other people.

People like older, more experienced couples. Close friends who you can trust.

Even experts like Dr. Patti, Tallulah Sulis, Sloane Fox, and myself.

You can send us a message anytime and we’ll help you as much as we possibly can with our experience, expertise, and advice.

Our articles are also a way of giving you feedback. That’s why it would mean so much to me if you could go back and read again the ones you like.

You can never really give love, warmth, and pleasure to anyone else if you won’t take care of yourself. And if you’re a woman and are constantly experiencing pelvic pain, distracted, and dissociated from your partner, it’s going to take a heavy toll on your relationship in the long run.

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  1. I am greatful for Susan and all the members of her team that make it possible for me to enjoy life better. They do everything to help us all, no matter who we are. I love you Susan!

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