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Kinky Sex Toys For Couples: Blindfolds And Restraints (VIDEO)

Kinky Sex Toys For Couples: Blindfolds And Restraints (VIDEO)

Discover tools and tricks for bondage, power play, sensation play, domination, and sex toys for couples you could ever fantasize about while still being sweetly sexy.

Let’s get kinky.

In today’s video, I’m joined again by my gorgeous girlfriends Amy Baldwin and April Lampert of the Shameless Sex Podcast.

Stay with us while we dig into some of our favorite kinky sex toys.

Discover tools and tricks for bondage, power play, sensation play, domination, and everything you could ever fantasize while still being sweetly sexy.

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Here are the videos you will see today:

  • Sex Toys For Couples Even If He Has Erectile Dysfunction
  • Best Sex Swing Sex Positions
  • G-Spot Pleasure: nJoy Pure Wants, Liberator Fascinator and Sex Furniture Wedge
  • 2 New Couples Sex Toys: Fun Factory Tiger Dildo And WeVibe Wish
  • Kinky Sex Toys For Couples: Bondage Gear, BDSM, Blindfold, Restraint, Hogtie
  • 30 Day Masturbation Challenge
  • Healthy Menstrual Cup
  • Penetration Orgasm + Training Vibrator
  • Thrusting Pulsator Vibrators from FunFactory Train You To Have Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse
  • Best Sex Toys For Couples
  • Big Sex Toys
  • Dildo Vs Vibrator

sex toys for couples

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  1. Hello Susan, I love foreplay and I love giving oral to my girlfriend. She has always had a hard time with her body and how she thinks it looks even way before we met. She is 61 and I’m 53. I always have let her know that I feel in love with her for who she is on the inside and that no matter what her body is like I’m still going to love her the same. She has told me that she has always had issues with her weight, from childhood till now, and she always thinks that she is too heavy for me even if we are just laying on the bed holding each other with her on top off to one side and her head on my chest. We both like that feeling of being wrapped up in each other. She might have me by 10lbs. She also has never had a full body massage until I gave her one last year. She is not a large woman at all she just has a few extra pounds. What can I do to get her to just let go and let us flow in the moment and not be so self conscious about her body? I love it when we are skin to skin and so does she, but I don’t like that I can’t even see her face because it has to be so dark. When I go to kiss her I like to see what I’m kissing. It’s weird when I kiss her eyeball instead of her soft lips. One more thing is that she just wants me to go straight for penitration without any type of foreplay and I always say baby let’s get you warmed up first and get some juices flowing first. She just wants me to pound her from the start. I’m in need of some help here please. Thank you for what you are doing to help people like myself. It’s hard for me to be confident when she can’t be. I hope that you understand what I’m saying. Thank you Susan.

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