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Laughter Is The Best Medicine. (Joke inside.)

Laughter Is The Best Medicine. (Joke inside.)

Did you hear?

We’re calling the generation to be born in 9 months, “Coronials.”

My friends are making up funny names for these babies like Sequestria, Contagia, Covira, Poohpacolips, Klaus Traphobia (inspired by Trav El Ban)…

The Twins… Cora and Rona

The Triplets… Charmin, Purelle, and Scott.

And in 2033/2034 when they hit their teens they will become… Quaranteens!

There are news reports that

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are at an all-time high. I don’t believe it.

I haven’t made love in 28 days.

After getting ourselves and our daughter, our moms and dads, our employees and our friends prepared for distancing, we were exhausted, just like you. The world has been overwhelming for all of us.

We’ve been glued to the media and our Facebook feeds. But now we are realizing, that is stressing us out and we need to take a break from it each day.

For the large majority of us, stress is the primary reason our desire gets suppressed.

Yet being held and loved is what most of us need most to calm us down and make us feel safe.


Even if you’re “social distancing” right now and staying home to stay healthy, here are some things you can do that are healthier than being glued to the news.

  1. Get moving. Run, dance, walk, rebound, whatever you want!

“Physical activity is the single most efficient strategy for completing the stress response cycle and recalibrating your nervous system into a calm state. When people say, “Exercise is for stress,” that is for realsies,” says Emily Nagoski, author of Come As You Are and Burn Out.

  1. Affection. Get the emotional bonding you need to calm yourself down. Seek and receive soothing touch, especially in the form of my world-famous Soulmate Embrace. Have you tried it yet?
  2. Any form of meditation.

I am in love with the InnerBalance program for your phone. Instead of meditation, you watch this color wheel while thinking about things for which you’re grateful. This lowers your stress and puts you into the parasympathetic nervous system state of calm.

  1. Yoga. Tai Chi.
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  2. Naps and restful sleep.
  3. A good old cry.
  4. Journaling positive ideas.
  5. Creative pursuits such as art, woodworking, gardening, cooking…
  6. Grooming and other self-care like massage, hot tubs, infrared saunas.

So, what do you choose? What modalities will you use to move through your stress and arrive in a happy, sound body ready and willing to enjoy your god-given pleasure?

Email me and tell me what changes you’re making or post a comment below and share it with us.

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