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Exert Your Masculine Sexual Leadership

She doesn’t like semen.

Brian is bummed because his wife avoids his semen and he wants to come inside her —skin on skin.

Hello Susan,
My lovely wife and I have always used condoms apart from when trying to conceive. My wife is now starting into menopause so has an irregular menstrual cycle and hot flushes. My question is whether or not me ejaculating inside of her will ease or increase the symptoms of menopause? Her attitude to this idea is one of “its messy, sticky and smelly”. She finds condoms smoother than my naked penis, even though we always use a lube. — Brian

Hi Brian,

I used to think my husband’s ejaculate was messy too. But I never liked condoms. When I learned that semen is so good for me, I started LOVING it, instead of being neutral about it.

As women, we are taught that semen will get us pregnant, so a lot of us women are “afraid” of semen. That’s too bad because it’s very honoring to a guy for a woman to appreciate his semen. And when we think it’s yucky, it probably adds some anxiety into your climax — shooting  your semen is “unwelcomed” and you are somehow yucky because we think your ejaculate is yucky or dangerous or whatever.

Some women escape this fear and adore semen. They love it inside them. They love it on them. But they are the exception to the rule, mostly because of negative cultural programming.

I also wonder if her using a condom — also called a barrier method — is making you feel like she doesn’t welcome your penis inside her?

I don’t want to put thoughts into your head, but I am good at reading between the lines.

She’s missing out BIG TIME through sheer ignorance that is not her fault. A nice warm, slippery penis is 1000X better than a plastic condom. Having you ejaculate inside her is FANTASTIC for her health. Watch this video about all the benefits to your woman about you coming inside her.

Semen Stimulates Sex ⇐ The Naughty Nurse Is So Good!

I think you have a window of opportunity here to turn her into a “cum whore.” Haha.

Here’s how I’d approach it.

First I’d be very vulnerable with her. Tell her how you truly feel. She literally doesn’t have ANY idea.

Remind her how many years you’ve been missing the feel of her soft, velvety vagina wrapped around your penis. You’ve done it her way for how long? Now can you have a “turn” at pleasure?

Explain in your own words how her aberrance to your fluids drives a wedge between you.

Then explain all the benefits of semen in her vagina:

✔︎ Improves cognition, reduces brain fog (she’s going to need this in menopause!)
✔︎ Soothes her moods and makes her happier with the serotonin
✔︎ Smooths out her cycles so menopause is easier
✔︎ Gives her testosterone to make her feel more confident and lowers her anxieties
✔︎ Brings her closer to you…

Ask her if she’s willing to try making love without a condom. And experiment with lubes. Lubes can be messy too. I really love sweet almond and avocado oils as natural lubes. Organic nut oils are healthy for the body.

If you’ve been using nasty old KY Jelly or some sort of chemical laden product, toss them. That’s what’s gross.

I always say about lube, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t put it in your vagina. They are both two ends of the same mucous membrane tube. Keep as many chemicals out of your life as possible.

Here’s a link to my preferred lubes.

Get a stack of clean, folded washcloths to have near the bed when you make love. After you climax, put a towel on her vulva and hold it there with a cupped hand. Let the capillary action of the terrycloth absorb the lube and your ejaculate. Pat. Pat. Pat her vulva and kiss her at the end. Tell how how much you love being so close to her.

Let me know how it works out.

What you’re really doing is educating her, training her through awareness and experience to love every part of you.

Over time I hope you’ll teach her how to give you amazing blow jobs where she loves to swallow.

The only thing standing between that and where you are now is your masculine sexual leadership to make it ok for her to learn to love more aspects of sex.

Partners are always training each other either explicitly or by just accepting what is. You’ve been accepting. Now it’s time to train her to love your ejaculate.

Watch this video on seduction to learn how to train your woman to love all kinds of wet, wild sex with you. ⇐This link times out in 4 days. Watch now. It’s a short video.

This information is from our Seduction Trilogy program. I asked Dr. Patti to write this for all my guys in long term relationships who need to open their women toward more sexual pleasure… because so many women have been culturally repressed.

We need you, our guy, to open these doors for us and lead us through the portal to more pleasure and connection.

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