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Antidepressants and Libido (Mailbag)


“I think I’ve met someone but she told me that because of her antidepressant medication, she’s unable to orgasm except from masturbation. I want to be both helpful and sexually fulfilling for her and me. “

If one in six people in America are on anti-depressants, there is a lot of sex drive being depressed too.

Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications are legendary for lowering libido.

I was talking to a guy the other day who was having performance issues. He’d gone through a very difficult life situation that had been so upsetting that his doctor put him on anti-depressants.

Because he wasn’t having a mood spectrum disorder, he had just gone through a very trying time, I suggested that maybe the anti-depressants were unnecessary.

In my opinion, his doctor may be part of the old school world where pharmaceutical companies use them as distributors. They prescribe pills because they don’t have a lot of other ways to help.

I encouraged this gentleman to seriously think about whether taking an anti-depressant just from going through troubling times is truly serving him. I suggested he read up on the widespread use and lack of effectiveness of these pharmaceuticals for many people. I told him he’d find they are not helping as many people as he’d like to believe.

Nervous breakdowns happen to many people. Some people call it adrenal burn out. It’s frazzled nerves and what heals them is rest, touch, being held, holding, hugging, walks in nature, being in any kind of water, lots of rainbow vegetables, exercise, naps, good sleep, hibernation balanced with easy social get togethers and belly laughs with friends and strangers alike.

Gentle lovemaking and being held are so important for recovery from life’s traumas. It seems a shame to dampen libido with drugs for the inevitable setbacks of life…


I’ve had at least two nervous breakdowns in my life. One in my 30s and one in my 50s. We all go through overwhelming situations at times. It’s a part of life. These times when we need to just recover from trauma are normal. The answer may not be pills, it may just be to rest.

And as far as the guy whose new girlfriend is on anti-depressants, here’s my advice.

The “magic wand” is a strong vibrator that many women find can take them to climax. Maybe you can incorporate this into your lovemaking and also let go of the goal of her needing to orgasm to be satisfied. She is likely starved for emotional closeness and physical touch. Don’t put any pressure on her.

I have a link to the real magic wand in my Amazon store. Don’t buy a fake as the motors are not as good. The one in my Amazon store is the cordless, rechargeable. This has the strongest vibration of any vibrator and may give her enough sensation to climax.

If you suffer from anxiety, please check out my friend Trudy Scott, CN’s new book, The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. Much of anxiety can be managed through supplements and certain foods.

Also check out Dirty Genes, by Dr. Ben Lynch. Did you know that some genetic alleles — variant forms of genes — are a contributor to anxiety?

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  1. But I want the sexual side effect, on Steroids. I dont want all the Other crap side effects of the SSRI . Which SSRI is best for me?.

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