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How To Avoid STDs (List of Common STIs)

AVOID 19 Sexually Transmitted Infections (new list)

Sexually transmitted infections (also known as STIs, or STDs for ‘sexually transmitted infections/diseases,’ or VD for ‘venereal diseases’) are infections that have a high probability of being spread from person to person through sexual contact.

People are hooking up like crazy!

It’s like “sport sexing” out there right now. And you just have to be super careful to protect you and your partner’s mind, body and spirit.

As women–because of our hormonal cycles–each time we make love our boundaries and desires change. And with our vaginal mucous membranes being so delicate, we have to be extra careful not to get an STI (STD).

Watch this video from my YourTango expert series with John Gray, the famous author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Women Are From Venus, and Melissa White, CEO of LuckyBloke condom samplers, about how you can be VERY safe and still have a lot of sex partners before going exclusive.

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How To Have The Safe Sex Chat ⇐ New Video From Suz!

Scroll down to see the complete list of 19 Sexually Transmitted Infections (OMG!)


Listen, some guys will “bareback” (go without a condom) whenever they think they can get away with it. Not all guys, but enough that as women we must insist on the safe sex talk and establishing our boundaries around what we are OK with and what is off-limits.

Before you have sex with someone, please have the “safe sex” talk.

The safe sex talk is where you go over:

1) any boundaries or issues you have
2) the date and results of your most recent STD tests and
3) what kind of sex (protected, unprotected) you’d had and with how many people since your last test
as well as
4) your safe sex practices

WHEN should you sleep with them? As soon as you both want to as long as you are able to have the issues above clarified first.

Just remember, for women, we pretty much fall in love with every guy we have sex with. So make sure you consider your feelings for each other.  Because there’s an emotional connection happening when you’re this intimate.

Be really clear you’re not having sex because you feel it’s expected.

You can always kiss, hug and play with each other’s genitals. There is no rule that says you need to have oral or intercourse until you’re both ready.

Listen to your hert. And know your facts!

How To Have The Safe Sex Chat ⇐ New Video From Suz!


Here is a list of STI’s from Dr. Carol Queen’s “The Sex & Pleasure Book:”

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis – bacterial overgrowth that increases the risk of contracting another STI
  2. Chancroid – a bacterial infection
  3. Chlamydia – most common bacterial STI in the US
  4. Gonorrhea – a bacterial infection
  5. Granuloma Inguinale – a bacterial infection also called Donovanosis
  6. Hepatitis B – viral liver disease
  7. Herpes – a viral disease with no cure
  8. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) – an incurable viral disease
  9. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) – the most common STI viral disease with over 100 strains
  10. Pubic Lice – parasites also known as “crabs”
  11. Lyme Disease – newly considered a possible sexually transmitted disease
  12. Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV) – a bacterial infection
  13. Molluscum – a viral infection
  14. PIC Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – not an STI, rather a progressive infection that is an outcome of untreated STIs
  15. Scabies – small mites
  16. Syphilis – a bacterial infection
  17. Trichomoniasis – genital tract infection caused by a protozoan
  18. Urinary Tract Infection UTI – not an STI per se, but a bacterial infection often caused by sex
  19. Vaginitis – not an STI per se, but maybe the outcome of another untreated STI

The Sex & Pleasure Book

How To Have The Safe Sex Chat ⇐ New Video From Suz!

Condoms cannot protect you from some of these infections. That’s why it’s ALWAYS important to do a visual check of your partners’ genitals and really their whole body.

If you read the Herpes STD update link below you’ll see that herpes can present as a “zit” or lesion on the skin without even being on the genitals.

And though many people do have herpes, if you don’t you’re lucky. Try to do everything possible to avoid it. It hurts like hell and for some, it can make having the safe sex talk that much more embarrassing.

People feel ashamed about having it and often don’t want to bring it up, thinking it’s no big deal. But if you don’t have it, it IS a big deal.

That’s why having a safe sex talk is VITAL.

Here are some resources from my website to keep you and your lovers safe:

How To Have The Safe Sex Conversation

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I’m all for having lots of partners SAFELY.

If you’re a man, initiating the safe sex conversation is a sign of masculine sexual leadership. Asking her for her boundaries also creates that safe environment where she can surrender to her pleasure with you.

If you’re a woman, carry a selection of condoms on you and insist that a man wear it. My friend and the CEO of LuckyBloke, Melissa White has condom

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How To Have The Safe Sex Chat ⇐ New Video From Suz!

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