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Cool Trick To Figure Out The Best Condom Size For Guys

People are having sex sooner than ever and with more partners.

It’s like “sport sexing” how men and women can just go to their smartphones and apps to hook up and have sex.

Here’s a short video about me talking about this topic.

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But why would women carry condoms on them at all? Isn’t it the guy’s responsibility?

Some pretty smart social researchers asked women about carrying condoms and discovered that a lot of them actually supported the idea, as do I.

Here’s some of what they said:

“When a woman carries condoms, she’s empowering herself to have the kind of sex she wants, and she’s in control of when she wants to have it.”


“It’s always good to be prepared. When things are getting hot and heavy and a woman says she has a condom, it’s on!”


“Women are allowed to choose to have sex with anyone they like. Part of the freedom of choice is the responsibility of protecting yourself. Don’t depend on a man to provide condoms or worse… their excuses!”

And as for guys, you want to be the kind of guy who gives a girl the impression that you’re a responsible person…

That you’re not just DTF anyone or anything that moves.

And that you value your and your partner’s sexual health, as well as understand the consequences of having unprotected sex.

Chivalry isn’t dead!

Now, the same group of people also asked guys the question about carrying condoms, and here are some of the responses:

“The first time you have sex with someone you’re dating, women are visibly appreciative when you retrieve a condom without them having to ask or have you use one of theirs. It sends them the message that you’re a responsible man who cares about their health and doesn’t want them to worry. Similar to holding a door for a woman, it’s the polite thing to do even though most women are capable of fending for themselves.”


“Men need to carry condoms as well, especially if they have any interest at all in their partner being able to relax during intimacy (and not worry the next morning). Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, or the attractive stranger at the bar, everyone needs protection. Both him and her. Condoms bring fun and freedom.”

If you’re a guy and you don’t like wearing condoms, it’s just that you haven’t found the perfect-size fit yet. When you find the right one, you will no longer have any apprehensions about wearing one.

Both men and women should carry condoms. For women, it’s the freedom of choice and empowerment, and having various condom sizes that men of all “sizes” would love to wear.

For men, it’s carrying a perfect-fitting condom around and being a responsible gentleman who’s not just another talking penis on the street.

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