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How To Use “Small Offers”

“Do you want me to carry you to the bedroom?”

“Do you want me to take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom?”

“Would you rather I pick you up and carry you?” “Or would you like to come over here right now and sit on my lap and let me kiss you first?”

Do you want a glass of Chardonnay? A foot rub? Or would you like to go for a little walk in the neighborhood?

Do you want a breast massage? Some hugs and kissing? Or an Expanded Orgasm date (a genital massage) where I stroke you with oil?

Those are three examples of “menus of small offers.”

The second of The Four Keys to Seduction is called, “Small Offers.”

Here’s how it works… (scroll down)


Would you rather have one option or three?

Do you like multiple choice questions that make it easy to pick a great answer?

We all do. It’s human nature.

Instead of asking a date or your partner, “What do you want to do?”

To which they reply, “Uhhhhh…. I dunno. What do YOU want to do?”

Run them a small menu of options.

If you run a menu and use the other Four Keys to Seduction, Erotic Vigilance, Sexual Vision and Vulnerability to decide what

goes on that menu, you will have the perfect ingredients for a white hot passionate encounter.

The more you run menus using all Four Keys to Seduction, the more your partners will say, “YES!”


When you combine The Four Keys to Seduction, it’s effortless to seduce someone.

You don’t have to feel uncertainty… you know what to do.

You don’t have to worry about rejection… you know what to offer that will be graciously accepted.

Using The Four Keys drives your win rate through the roof!

Learn more about The Seduction Trilogy <=== All The Details

Now, you can go buy this program anytime. It’s called, “The Seduction Trilogy.” It’s three eBooks with companion audiobooks to which you listen so as to quickly and easily integrate the model and start using it immediately.

This multi-modal learning approach makes the model sink in quickly so you can apply it efficiently without any learning curve. If you like to listen to audios, Sloane Fox reads these books so sexily that you’ll get turned on listening to her!

But there’s no hurry. You have 2 emails to learn more and we sell this program every day, all the time, so it will be there if and when you’re ready to want to add this foundational skill to your lovemaking communications toolbox.

One important note… This program is as effective for the masculine as it is for the feminine and anywhere in between. It’s for people to create more fun experiences together of any kind.

Here is the link to go to the Seduction Trilogy website and learn more. If you sign up for the free eBook, More Sex More Often, you will begin getting emails about seduction from Dr. Patti. Just be careful you don’t go and sign up for too much stuff all at once on our websites or you might get overwhelmed. We can always help you manage your email volume. Just email [email protected] and our customer care team (they are awesome!) will help you.

The Seduction Trilogy <=== Go To The Website
Seduction Trilogy Combo

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