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What Are the Keys To Seduction?

What Are the Keys To Seduction?

Intensifies the quality and quantity of sexual pleasure you experience.

Stone cold, lukewarm, getting hotter, or hot, wet, squirming and turned on…

“Erotic Vigilance” is one of  The Four Keys to Seduction.

The other three keys are Small Offers, Vulnerability and Sexual Vision which I will explain in upcoming emails. These four keys work together as an easy to use integrated model that increases the quality and quantity of sexual pleasure you experience in your lifetime.

Erotic Vigilance means paying attention to your partner so you understand what kind of sexual possibilities may exist based on his or her state of mind at the time.


When you understand the art of “Erotic Vigilance,” you know exactly where your partner or even a first date is (stone cold, lukewarm, getting hotter, or hot, wet, squirming and turned on…) and how to take them higher from there.

The secret to the heart of seduction is your ability to put all of your well-placed attention on the person you want to turn-on.

If you don’t know their mood, how can you arouse them?


Want to know what a lover NEEDS from you to get turned-on?

A lover wants to crave you:

A lover is hoping and praying that you will know how to go from that place of listless boredom to the world of magic and turn-on.

A lover craves “feeling met” – that experience where you don’t have to guess. You just KNOW what most feeds them from moment to moment.

A lover wants to admire you:

When your partner or date directly experiences your ability to “know” them – to “get” them as they want to be gotten. They are filled to overflowing with feelings of respect and admiration.

A lover wants to desire and be desired:

They find you – as a sexual genius – irresistible. They love being desired by someone who gets and is relentless about accurately giving them pleasure.


Because a sexual genius lives fully in—and seizes—the moment. However “proficient” (or inexperience) you are in the arts of erotic gratification, I am about to show you how to go to genius, starting from right here.

In other words, whatever your current situation may be, you have sexual genius inside.

I know this because I’ve helped sexual genius come alive thousands of times in regular people all over the world. The only difference between a sexual genius and everyone else in the room is that the sexual genius is a seeker of models, techniques and communication skills that accelerate their ability to give and receive pleasure.

Through your presence, awareness, and positive attention on your partner, you possess a magical skill, called “Erotic Vigilance,” that is nothing less than a powerful prerequisite to total turn-on.

You will be the perfect (tasty) blend of bad boy or girl and nice guy or woman.

You take your partner’s arousal energy to “neutral first,” then help them evolve it to turn-on energy by offering your lover experiences they enthusiastically desire.

When going for maximum turn-on, you’ll become “erotically vigilant” and in one way or another, and they’ll be turned on 24 hours a day.

You’ll be amazed and delighted at how much you both will like this reward system.


When you combine The Four Keys to Seduction, it’s effortless to seduce someone.

You don’t have to feel uncertainty… you know what to do.

You don’t have to worry about rejection… you know what to offer that will be graciously accepted.

Using The Four Keys drives your win rate through the roof!

Learn more about The Seduction Trilogy <=== All The Details

Now, you can go buy this program anytime. It’s called, “The Seduction Trilogy.” It’s three eBooks with companion audiobooks to which you listen so as to quickly and easily integrate the model and start using it immediately.

This multi-modal learning approach makes the model sink in quickly so you can apply it efficiently without any learning curve. OMG! If you like to listen to audios, Sloane Fox reads these books so sexily that you’ll get turned on listening to her!

But there’s no hurry. You have 3 emails to learn more and we sell this program every day, all the time, so it will be there if and when you’re ready to want to add this foundational skill to your lovemaking communications toolbox.

One important note… This program is as effective for the masculine as it is for the feminine and anywhere in between. It’s for people to create more fun experiences together of any kind.

Here is the link to go to the Seduction Trilogy website and learn more. If you sign up for the free eBook, More Sex More Often, you will begin getting emails about seduction from Dr. Patti. Just be careful you don’t go and sign up for too much stuff all at once on our websites or you might get overwhelmed. We can always help you manage your email volume. Just email [email protected] and our customer care team (they are awesome!) will help you.

The Seduction Trilogy <=== Go To The Website


  1. Is it good for those who are immature and young who are starting their life?

    • No. Maturity is utmost important.

  2. too vantastic

  3. Very Good Susan!

    I want to win a girl and I was in doubt about how to conquer it. Do you think I’d better talk to her in person or over the internet?

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    Because All I Want
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    hi how are you You So Far Way
    Yet You Are Here
    I Can See Your Face
    But I Can Feel You Near I Can Touch You
    But I Hold You Close
    No Matter Where You Are
    You Re In My Heart
    Wherever I Go Hopefully The Miles Between Us
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    Because All I Want
    Is To Be With You

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