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8 Steamy Sex Ed DVD’s Available

New-In-Box Reserved DVD Sets NOW AVAILABLE


We had about 15 copies of  Steamy Sex Ed set aside for customers who needed extra time for their funds.

Not everyone was able to take their copy and right now I have 8 DVD sets left in the warehouse and I can ship one to you.

If you wanted your own copy but were unable to place an order last week before the sale was over, you are in luck!

Click Here To Place Your Order ===> Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection “New In Box”

If one of these previously reserved copies is still left when you get to the website, you will be able to place your order.

If we are sold out, the order page will no longer be available.

That’s all the final copies we will have now.

Thanks so much!

*If you need additional support just send an email to [email protected] .

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  1. Hello i could not fine where the wet g spot is. Iam 50 years old still could not find. Can you show me where it is. That will be help full.

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