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Masculinity Technique: Holding And Pressing Against Her

Sex gets hotter the more you increase the magnetic attraction between masculine and feminine. That magnetism is also called Polarity. (click here to listen to or download a free audio where I tell you how to increase your masculine energy) Makes sense, right? You don’t want to have sex with a “friend.” Marriages that get platonic suffer from bed death. All signs point to the need to keep the masculine/feminine balance strong as a couple. So how do you do it?  Well read on for an incredible masculinity technique. . .

First, it’s vital to understand that the stronger and more dominant a woman is the the outside world, the more she is in desperate need of a man to provide leadership in the bedroom. The #1 question women ask me is, “How do I get my man to be more dominant in the bedroom?”

If you’re a guy with a strong woman, she needs you to be even stronger. But she will fill in the vacuum for you, and lose respect for you, if you are not providing masculine leadership.

Just look at how romance novels are formulaic in their approach. Every plot is based on a similar structure depicting a man who can’t resist a particular woman and how he MUST HAVE HER.  This is how women want men to make them feel. The female fantasizes about surrendering to her man’s guidance and vision.

Women want to be desired by men. These are the two most feminine primal sexual triggers: She wants you to make her feel sexually irresistible and adored. Those are the two fundamental psychological cues required by women to feel attraction to a man and want to escalate her sexual pleasure with him.

Men want their lovers to “feel incredible pleasure.” They seek orgasm techniques as a path to her pleasure.

“There’s not much in life better than leaving a woman wild haired, breathless and fully released from a series of incredible orgasmic explosions he ably delivers to her.”

When a man has learned how to have SEXUAL VISION — one of The Four Keys to Seduction beautifully explained in The Seduction Trilogy — he can take her on an erotic adventure.  When he knows where he’s taking her, he’s in charge. He’s leading.   (click here to listen to or download a free audio where Sloane Fox interviews Dr. Patti Taylor about how to use The Four Keys of Seduction)

Once you combine your masculine mindset with a series of female orgasm techniques you’ll begin to see her open to you sexually in a way she never has before. Add encouragement, permission and verbal appreciation into the mix and soon she’ll be swooning…

So what is the “Masculinity Trick?”

It’s a physical. You do it with your body.

You press against her. You hold her tight. You let her melt into you.

You are her rock.

She is safe in your arms.

You are hard. She is soft.

That’s the premise.

And there are many ways you can provide this physical strength and structure.

One is by giving her The Best Hug in The World. It’s doubtful that you’ve ever fully held a woman or been held by a man like this if you are a woman. So after you read this article, make sure you come back and click here to read how to give your woman the holding hug she’s been craving her whole life.

Another is by letting her plump her vestibular bulbs on your thigh while you’re making out with her. Here’s a picture of where her bulbs are. Hold yourself strong and let her writhe around on your leg. This will engorge her and make her more aroused.

The touch technique inside The Passion Patch is another way of touching her to arouse her that leverages the femininity generating benefits of “holding” her.

One more sexy way is pull her against you as you’re standing next to each other in the bedroom. Pull her close and align your body with hers so that she feels the full press of your skin on hers. Slowly ease her down on the bed as you hold her and then lie down on the bed on your back and let her lie on top of you — body to body — matched like a mirror. Have her writhe around and feel your muscular strength. This is very manly and will turn her on.

If you have an Expanded Orgasm practice together, the grounding strokes that Dr. Patti shows in the step-by-step video are another form of masculine pressure. The grounding stroke pushes some of the blood out of her vulva as she comes down from her orgasmic bliss and makes her vulva feel incredible! The grounding stroke spreads her pleasure.

Think of yourself as the river banks, holding her raging waters solidly and surely.

Meet your woman physically in these ways and she will soften and surrender to her bliss with you.

If you have some more good ideas of masculine ways to press against or hold your lady that turn you on — or ways you’ve been held by a man that turns you into a liquid love puddle — please post your comment below!

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  1. Actually what you said was common sense but after being together we men at least this one forget the things we USED to do. I’m divorced after a 25 year marriage,you just reminded me of the things I did !

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