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Encouraging Your Lover

One of the most powerful ways to increase erotic pleasure with your lover is through encouragement.

Whether you are the masculine leading the feminine by giving approval. . .

Or you are the feminine inviting your lover to partake of more. . .

Encouraging each other grows your confidence, increases feedback and simply makes lovemaking more satisfying and pleasurable.

There are many ways to encourage your lover to open into more sensuality:

Romancing each other before and during lovemaking enhances anticipation and desire.

Sharing “frames” afterwards (click here to learn how to) about special moments that occurred during lovemaking.

Encouragement is primary verbal — you talk and tell your thoughts. It can also be guttural and animalistic. Growls of appreciation, wolf whistles of approval, winks of acknowledgement, hand squeezes, forehead kisses…

“You look hot. Thanks for wearing that lingerie, I’m enjoying it.”

“Come for me now, baby. Just let it go.”

“I want you so much I’m going to rip your clothes off when I see you and press your body against mine and not let go for hours.”

“You were the sexiest you’ve ever been last night. I loved the way you opened up to me.”

Bottom line, if you’re thinking something positive, say it out loud! So much encouragement goes unsaid and wasted. Consider voicing a running commentary of things you appreciate about your lover. Be your partner’s champion. Acknowledge the beauty and pleasure, the leadership and guidance that your partner provides in your life.

Sexual maturation is a lifelong pleasure. You keep getting more skilled — especially if you encourage your lover to give you more feedback. You learn to continue opening and surrendering to your love for your partner. Practice does make perfect in sexuality. The more you have, the better you get. And if you want more, adding encouragement to increase erotic pleasure is one of the fastest and most fun ways to accelerate your sexual pleasure.

Now there’s one very important thing you must consider here.

You may be saying to yourself, “Hey, I know all this.” But there is a BIG difference between knowing and DOING. And I can guarantee you have room to improve on your encouragement if you are the masculine. If you are the feminine, you can improve on how you offer invitations to your man.

Post a comment below with something you’ve done to encourage or invite your love into more pleasure. Sharing what works for you will help others increase their connection to intimacy.

4 Responses

  1. When I appreciates the body movement and the noises she makes, she has always been fantastic and more free to more sexual adventures

  2. To all ‘sex life coaches’ thank you so much,there is always rm., for improvement,thanks for showing the way.DMR~

  3. Showing your partner the pleasure they bring you encourages more of what you like. Whether words or sounds, which are natural for me, is like cheerleading for their efforts or how your partner makes you feel
    Being silent isnt encouraging

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