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Romantic Date Night Ideas “Menu”

Here is a seduction technique for delighting your wife, girlfriend, husband and/or boyfriend with a “menu” of date night options.

Everyone prefers multiple choice to a single option. It’s human nature.

Plus, when you give your partner a series of choices, they can more accurately dial in an experience that will thrill them the most. Every day is unique. Women’s moods change cyclically. Sometimes she has a big appetite; other times she wants to keep it simple or quiet. By knowing how to judge where she is emotionally (this is called Erotic Vigilance) and then putting together options that give her a range of possibility (this is called Small Offers) you will know her choice is one that pleases her.

Within The Seduction Trilogy* you discover the easy 4 Keys to Seduction that combine this idea of running a menu of small offers with knowing where’s she’s at emotionally along with what sounds good to you. When you know what options appeal to you and you ask for what YOU want, instead of making it all about her, it’s called Vulnerability. Vulnerability is not sissy. It’s not feminine. It’s being strong enough to understand what you want and confident enough to ask for your needs to be met too.

A woman does not want a man who forfeits his needs. Nobody appreciates a martyr. A woman wants a man who clearly communicates what she can do to bring him pleasure while at the same time makes offers that are pleasurable for her.

A man who knows how to run small offers has Vision — the fourth key to seduction. By running menus — you are in charge — you are leading. This is masculine sexual leadership. When you have Vision, she can relax into the structure you’re providing. She doesn’t need to micro manage you, which destroys the masculine/feminine magnetism. If she has to take charge, make suggestions for what to do, or come up with the ideas, she is in her masculine. Get her out of masculine mode by taking charge and running her menus of small offers.

Johnny M. wrote to me after a very successful date night (romantic dinner followed by sensual lovemaking back at his place) and shared his Menu of Offers for a date night with his new girlfriend. He texted her these 5 options:

1.) Romantic make out picnic, bluff-top looking over the ocean at sunset.
2.) Lush dinner for two in the City, then some sexy clubbing afterward
3.) Flower petal on the breeze, drifting a bit as we walk through town to find the right combination of food and pleasure
4.) Keeping it local with a waterside meal and lovemaking back at my place
5.) Some combination of the above that suits your particular desires tonight

His girlfriend chose to have a local dinner out so she could get dressed up in a very sexy outfit for him. (He LOVED watching the other guys check out his hot girlfriend.) Then she wanted him to take her home and ravish her.

Before he left to pick her up he got his apartment ready. He cleaned his place up, got out fresh towels, had sparkling water and wine chilled, set candles out and had a sexy playlist queued.

Because of the care Johnny took creating a romantic date night menu, she was excitedly anticipating the romantic evening even before he picked her up.

That night, he got all her doors for her. He held her arm as they walked. He made reservations to be assured of a great table on a busy Saturday night. And throughout the evening he told her how beautiful she was. He even pulled his chair around to her side of the table while they were waiting for their meal to be served — saying he couldn’t get enough of her sitting so far away.

If you are married, do this for your wife! She wants you to take charge and romance her. You will be handsomely rewarded.

And to learn more about The 4 Keys To Seduction, go here.

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*The Seduction Trilogy is a 3 eBook, 3 Audiobook online program that shows you how to run a menu of small offers to your lover. Running menus using The Four Keys ensures that she keeps saying YES! to you when you make her offers.

In some relationships, there is not a lot of excitement or anticipation. In other relationships there is a lot more NO than YES! If you are not having the romantic sexual experiences you want in your current relationship, knowing The Four Keys To Seduction will turn your lady back on for you. If you are dating, knowing The Four Keys To Seduction will get your dates off to a hot start!

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8 Responses

  1. Too many Amazing choices..
    .what a lucky girl.
    As long as we ended up in each others arms making passionate love to each other.
    I’d be pver the moon myself….:)

  2. I’m sorry, but this does not work with all women. My wife is not into the “mushy” stuff like sitting beside her at dinner. She would think it was silly because we’ve been married for 13 years. Also, when I do open doors and stuff for her, she laughs at me. Why should I do this stuff knowing how she feels about it. I think she feels I’m doing it just to get sex.

    1. I’m female married for 48 years and not at all mushy. However, there is a difference between mushy and manners. I hold the door open for anyone without making a fuss. Good manners come free, but I dare say you would have to duck if you said that to your wife!!!

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