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4 Qualities of Eros

In The Mystery of Love author Marc Gafni explains how the ancient mystics lived with sensuality and passion in everyday life. When the taste of sex becomes “part of the fabric of all the dimensions of our lives” he considers that eros. . . When you are “turned on,” you are alive with pleasure in countless ways that go beyond sex.

He says, that Imagination, Giving, Giving Up Control, and The Masculine/Feminine are four qualities of Eros.

Imagination takes you out of where you are and into what you truly want. When you bring imagination into your lovemaking, there’s no limit to the pleasure you can experience with your lover. That’s why fantasy is such a pleasurable part of the erotic.

Giving to your lover, rather than taking for yourself increases the love you feel. If you want more love, give more love out. The feeling of loving is actually stronger than the feeling of being loved.

Giving Up Control is similar to the notion of surrendering to your passion with your lover. When you get out of your “technique” mind and cease making love “for effect,” two can become one. It’s vulnerable to simply let yourself go into sensual pleasure with a lover. . . What if you fart? What if you drool? What if you look silly or fat or wrinkled? When you give the gift of whole hearted vulnerablity to your lover you can slide together into the rapture of two bodies becoming one united in love.

“Masculine and feminine express the two essential forces of the universe,” says Gafni. When ever your heart gets broken, when you feel disconnected, when are you not being met by another — go to ground. And ground is the masculine/feminine. As a woman, ask for love and support. As a man, stand for yourself and fight for the freedom to be who you are. If you’ve been on my list for a while you know that I constantly feed you advice about how to “be masculine” or how to “coax out her feminine.” This is the foundation of erotic pleasure. Yin Yang. Shiva Shakti. Man Woman… It’s a core quality of the erotic. Keep coming back to it and cultivating your masculinity and or femininity depending on your orientation.

Few people will spend the time reading a book about ancient and sacred Eros. But it’s important to remember in the year two thousand and fourteen that we come from hundreds of thousands of years of opening our hearts to feel the love and joy of being man and woman. And that joy is one of life’s most precious qualities.

If you’d like an erotic practice with your lover that you can do for decades that creates a soulful energetic connection together, consider Expanded Orgasm The man leads the woman on an orgasmic pleasure ride through a series of stroking techniques that hold her in orgasm for as long as an hour.

When you practice this a couple times a week, the two of you enter into a con-joined trance state — otherwise known as orgasmic rapture. It reboots your neurology. It brings you incredible close together. And it fills her up with orgasmic pleasure while giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are the man who can take her into that state of bliss.

Tim and I have been doing this weekly or multiple times a week for going on 10 years now. That’s why we had Dr. Patti Taylor create a online course you and your partner can follow along with to learn how together.

This is great for women or are anorgasmic or like to have a LOT of orgasms. It’s excellent for men with any kind of ED or PE. It’s fantastic if you love to meditate because this is like meditating together on one orgasmic channel.

You can learn more about the practice of Expanded Orgasm with these three free pleasure reports:

What Is Expanded Orgasm?
The Power and Pleasure of Orgasmic Peaking
Touching For Rapture

Go here to get them and enjoy!

Please email me with ANY questions you have about Expanded Orgasm.

It is truly a practice that brings you into a kind of “turned on” living that brings Eros into your every waking moment.

Become a great lover in every dimension of your life. Mark Gafni says additional erotic qualities include creativity, pleasure, transcendence, union and many more.

Quest For The Light Of Love.

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