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Get Her To Say Yes To Sexual Intimacy Everytime

In this free audio interview with my dear friend, Devin St. Germaine, we delved deeply into the kind of seduction that every lover should know to have a lifetime of really HOT lovemaking. You can listen from your browser or download the audio to listen on the go.

This seduction technique isn’t manipulative. Many people incorrectly believe that seduction is something you do TO someone without them knowing you’re doing it. Like trying to use secret words or techniques to get under someone’s radar and make them want to have sex with you even when they don’t want to. That is definitely NOT the kind of seduction I am offering you in this free dialogue.

Instead, this seduction technique creates fun, excitement and more opportunities for you to have more intimacy together and is completely on the up and up.

Get Her To Say Yes For Sex

This ‘seduction model or technique’ can be used by any man or a woman to have a lifetime of yeses to their sexual offers.  Now this works just as well if you’re single and dating as this does if you’ve been married for 50 years to the same partner. That’s what’s beautiful about this model. It uses the psychology of the way we’re wired as human beings and gives us what we need to be a yes instead of a no.

This is the model that I learned from Dr. Patti Taylor’s Seduction Trilogy and is called The Four Keys to Seduction- Vision, Vulnerability, Small Offers and Vigilance.

In every relationship, somebody wants more intimacy than the other person in that moment. Women have a wider spectrum of emotions about their desire and interest in lovemaking. Men tend to be a little more consistent. Nonetheless, to keep your relationship hot and spicy, you have to keep offering lots of variety and options for sexual connection. The thing is, everyday we’re a different person. Some days we want soft and slow, other days hot and heavy. By using the 4 Keys to make offers for intimacy, you can scale those offers to the situation that is present. When you know how to use this seduction model, your win rate soars.

Will this seduction work on partners who have lost interest in intimacy? Yes! Even in cases where you are married to someone who seldom wants sleep with you anymore, this system can actually work to start rekindling your intimacy, The Four Keys to Seduction essentially compensates for the things you may have been doing that were not working.

The 4 Keys To Seduction work on that kind of low desire, higher desire situation where you’re not necessarily matched.

The 4 Keys to Seduction work even better when a couple is turned on and having a hot sex life.

The 4 Keys to Seduction also works great when you use it on someone you just met.

This skill lasts a lifetime.

Small offers, essentially the first of four keys to seduction, allows you to start very small and do something that we call running a menu which is like giving your woman multiple choices.

People prefer multiple-choice over  a single option. When you give a woman or a man, your partner, a menu of small offers instead of one giant offer, you have significantly increased your chances of getting a yes.

You can say,

“Baby, what do you think you would like to have more? I would like to give you a fabulous foot rub with some warm coconut oil  while we watch TV, or we could watch that movie you wanted to watch. I’ll even watch the chick flick, and I’m going to lean up against  the headboard and you lean back against me and I’m going to give you a breast massage with that coconut oil. Or maybe you’d like me to give  you a sensual full body massage and a genital massage.”

She gets to pick which one she wants.

Now she might not be ready for the full-on genital massage,  but now that you’ve offered her a breast massage while she can watch television instead of a foot massage, she might go for that. It is very, very likely that you’ll end up getting exactly what you did want in the first place, which was an opportunity for lovemaking.

Vigilance is paying attention.
You’re using your power of observation.
It’s essentially just the idea that you’re really paying attention to you partner. You’re noticing what it is that they’re responding to. Erotic vigilance is very much that opportunity to be fully present with your partner and really check in with them. Get out of your own need state and get into what’s going on with them because that’s what is actually required for you to give her small offers that are really going to get you the yeses. You’re checking out their mood.  You’re seeing if they had a rough day. You’re right there with them. Are they hungry, tired, thirsty, cranky? Are they turned on, horny, hot, steamy? Where are they in all of that?

By paying attention to your partner you can run that menu of the perfect size small offers. It’s not enough to make small offers; you have to be erotically vigilant  and understand her state of mind, her physical body and what’s going on with her.

Vulnerability is essentially that quality that shows her that you’re connected to your feelings. When you’re vulnerable, you’re telling your truth about yourself. You’re sharing intimately how you really feel about something. A woman especially because she has such an emotional range and because women like an emotional ride to find their turn on. They want to know, they want to feel your love.They want to feel you connecting with them.

Women need to connect with their feelings and needs in order to find and locate their eroticism, where men may not need that as much, and it’s literally the way we’re wired. When you can successfully notice her volume, her intensity, the flow of feelings in yourself and her and you can let her know that you’re aware of that, that level of vulnerability allows her to feel like you’re very emotionally connected to her.

If you haven’t had sex in a week, for instance, you can say…

“I love intimacy. I love intimacy with you, and I’m curious about why we haven’t had sex in over a week and I want to know if you would be willing to share that?”

…then you’re stating what’s happening with you, you’re stating facts, you’re stating your own feelings. You’re not projecting that  there’s something wrong with her that’s why she’s cold and distant. You’re not painting her into a corner. You’re just showing her that your connection with her is so important, it hurts that you’re not getting it.

When you’re that vulnerable with a woman, it really, really melts her heart.

Lastly, Vision is knowing your game plan or the strategy that you have for this lovemaking session.
In general, it is a man’s job to lead sexually. You have to know how much and how long you’re going to tease her and turn her on. If she runs into an emotional issue, you’re going to stop and handle that. Then you’re going to do something to take her to the next level of turn on.

You’re in control.
You call the plays.
You’re the director.

That’s HOT for her.

You have a lot of surprises and you run it to her like you’re giving her several meals she can choose from. You’re holding the game plan in your head while you’re being totally present with her.

That’s the combination of things that the masculine energy does in the sexual relationship, where the feminine surrenders, gets out of her head, stops directing everything. She lets you run the show, and she just has orgasms for you.

That’s a perfect balance.

So if a guy has vision and she knows that you have a plan with plenty of opportunities for her to choose throughout it, that lets her say,

“All right, he’s got this. I don’t need to tell him what to do. He has a plan, and so I can just let go and go on his ride.”

You’re giving her an erotic adventure. That’s the vision.
You have the vision based on how you’re paying attention to her, the erotic vigilance, how you’re feeling and what you want, and the offers that you make come out of that. Your game plan is continuing to ratchet those offers up over time.

Master these keys and you’ll have more sex than you can handle.

Listen to the complete interview and learn more sizzling tips here:

You can listen from your browser and you can also download a free copy to put on your smartphone or MP3 player for private listening.

Get Her To Say ‘Yes’ To Sexual Intimacy Everytime by Susan Bratton

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7 Responses

  1. Your advice is good and smart and brings the point of the differance in how men and women minds work differently men logic women emotion so the balance is men women being together

  2. Hi Susan i know this is a different subject but I’ve been using your massage techniques and they’re working wonderful but my girlfriend is stopping me when it comes time to get it on.could you please give me some advice to take it all the way

    1. Hi Cal,
      What are her reasons for stopping? Is she afraid of getting pregnant? Does it hurt to have sex? Is she still a virgin and wants to stay that way? I cannot guess her reasons. Talk to her, honey.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I have been ready a lot about your awesome stories and been a good customers. getting and reading all your great information to put them to good use. Me and my wife have separated since 2016 because she had DVO on me and while I was reading all this info but I can’t put them to use because we have DVO and I can’t talk to her or have sex with her till next year November 2018. Now just last week she send me an Divorce papers while is we will be going to court on the 30 of June 2017 by the end of this month. she had a lesbian go worker who is having an affair with her event I knew and Iam happy to shard my wife with her or me having them both. but now that she had DVo on me hoe you think I can deal with this situation and I really love them event she cheater on me that is not going to stop me of loving her.

    Please can you help me get her back as I only hgot two weeks before the devorce kick in.

    Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


    1. Dear Jim,
      A DVO is like a restraining order here in the US. If your ex has a DVO on you, has filed divorce papers and is already seeing someone else, I’d suggest you look at the mounting evidence that she does not ever want to see you again.
      Sometimes people’s brains get stuck in a groove where they can’t see evidence like this because they are “love blind.”
      I suggest you go see a relationship coach or counselor. You have gotten yourself into trouble and are not making good decisions.
      Is there a coach or counselor in your town you can talk to about getting over your ex?

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