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How To Handle Marital Problems

Before I share this life changing information with you, I just want to say I don’t know just exactly what you’ll find most exciting as you imagine how you’ll be putting this to use.

What’s important is that as you continue to notice that growing excitement that you feel free to ask the questions that let you know a fantastic decision is going to be made.

So will you promise me you’ll ask those questions?

It’s totally clear, I can’t be the one to decide for yourself you want this.

There are two kinds of marital conflict:

1) Issues that can be resolved and
2) Perpetual problems


According to John Gottman PhD in his book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,” you don’t have to resolve your marital conflicts for your marriage to thrive.  If you approach issues with good humor, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with negativity, you can agree to disagree and keep your issues in perspective.

69% of marital issues are perpetual problems that fall into five common categories:

– Disagreements about having children
– Who does what chores when
– Religious belief differences
– Parenting approaches and
– One partner wants more sex than the other

If this last issue is a perpetual problem in your marriage, watch this video.

I have studied the phenomenon of sexual intimacy declining in marriages and can tell you it is possible to resolve a lack of frequent sex with your partner.

You can move your partner into the mindset of wanting frequent, passionate sexual experiences with you. You do not have to suffer in anger or even rage any longer.

There are four steps back to the kind of sex you had when you were dating. <=== Watch The Video

And the four steps are fun, easy and effective at having more and better sex with your partner.

Even if you think you’ve waited too long, it’s not too late. . .
Even if your marriage therapist thinks couples’ sex lives are supposed to naturally die off (they are wrong!). . .
Even if your partner has health, weight or emotional issues. . .

You can turn your sex life back on.

Download our free eBook to discover how to bring your sex life into a new level.

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5 Responses

  1. very good video. i love. but my main problem with women that my penis very big 25cm long .very thick . any lady i sleep with her. i should have fight with her to penetrate all of my dick inside. lot of pain and very loud scream.
    i shame from my big dick . and did not find a lady to sleep with me . they all afraid even i use lubricate . how to solve this problem please

  2. Susan,
    I fear it is too late. My wife and I are separated…she took a new lover within a week of leaving me. I am struggling to accept what seems to be the death of us. She wants no part of us anymore other than to settle the divorce. Is it too late? Is there anything I can do at this point to plant seeds from our previous happy times? She had been removing my love language of touch for the past month before we separated. When we did make love, she was distant and aloof. She was pushing me away emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. I want restoration, but part of me questions why I would with everything she did. What can I do…if anything?

    1. Erik, unfortunately you learned the hard way women are not capable of loving Men in the same way Men love women. That’s why it was so easy for her to take a lover only 2 weeks after it was over. Everything you need to learn about women is on the Manosphere. There you will learn everything you need to know about women from Men around the world. You will never learn the truth about what happened with your marriage from women. They will only tell you it was all your fault something you did do or did not do, basically a woman can do no wrong. check out the manosphere and good luck my friend. A separation from her was the best thing that could happen to you. You are free to live your life and be happy without her. She will realize the error of her ways when she can see what’s out there. Good luck i hope everything works out for you!

    2. ! I have been reading these comments and have to ask did anyone ever consider that these women have had someone one else for a while? I mean If a woman was in love and committed to you, then It is my belief that she would have taken longer than a week or 2 to bring another “lover” into her life, unless of course there wasn’t that much to her in the first place, in which case you are blessed and she did you the biggest favor in the world, and now she is someone else’s problem, the only regret is that you wished you had been able to spot this sooner and give HER the boot!

  3. You are utterly correct on that!The points you have made are excellent and I feel I’ve learned a little something by reading this. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing the insightful analysis. Great stuff man. Keep up the brilliant effort!

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