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Dick Pic Report Card

This funny penis meme tugs at my heartstrings. It’s interesting to see how men’s penises are now objectified in the ways women’s bodies have historically been. Witness the ads now for men’s girdles. Scrutiny of the male form is rising.

Unsolicited Dick Pic

I like that penis pumping can improve a man’s girth, length, symmetry, and vascularity. And manscaping can help with hair maintenance. Consistent pigmentation comes more from circumcision than from men not having consistent skin color on their penises. It’s primarily darker-skinned men whose glands are considerably lighter than their shaft after the foreskin is removed.

I am not a supporter of circumcision. To me, it’s an outdated religious belief that is genital mutilation. That is my opinion, which

is shared by younger generations who are opting out of circumcision.

Photo angle and lighting make a difference, too. You can make a penis look BIG from certain angles.

Listen, guys like their dicks appreciated. Sending dick pics with permission can be an entertaining thing for a couple to do. I am used to getting a lot of them from guys who want me to advise them on penis enlargement. But I always appreciate getting permission first.

I only hope that more women will love their vulvas as much as men love their penises so that they feel empowered to send pussy pics to their partners. These are natural responses to being adored and appreciated.

Here is the pumping guide for increasing your length and girth and adjusting symmetry. 

This is the only pump system I recommend for enhancement. It works on all three dimensions: length, girth, and symmetry. (Use Promo Code SUSAN to save 10%)

These are the two complementary manscaping tools I recommend:

Shaver 1 & 2 work synergistically for a clean shave with no ingrown hairs or bumps.

Better Lover s Amazon Page

As a penis owner, you have some control over the dimensions of your penis. You can grow it by 20-25% within ten months to a year of consistent pumping. Pumping improves your vascularity as well. Pumping makes your penis more veiny, which is a sign of health. Pumping increases your firmness and erectile function because of the increased blood-carrying capacity. And when you get to your target, you can maintain the gains with much less pumping. Pumping is just like the progressive overload used in bodybuilding. It’s easier to keep the growth than the building.

The cool thing about penises is that you can enlarge the tissue. Breasts are not the same, much to the chagrin of any woman who has wanted larger breasts. The clitoris, however, can be enlarged using the vulva and lady pumps.

Injections of stem cells and PRP also help to increase tissue volume, as does the application of acoustic wave technology. The leader in regenerative genital treatments is GAINSWave for Him and Her. This series of shockwave treatments generates new tissue growth, increased vascularization, and nerve growth. In women, it also helps reverse incontinence and increase vaginal lubrication, besides increasing the clitoral body volume. In both penis and vulvas, the GAINSWave improves sensitivity and therefore enhances orgasmic pleasure.

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. Use Promo Code BETTER for a 7th treatment with my compliments.

I am a spokesperson for GAINSWave and Dr. Joel Kaplan’s company. It is my pleasure to tell people about these fantastic protocols.

Bottom line? The cultural dynamic of sharing images of our genitals will only keep growing. Our genitals are a beautiful part of our bodies and one that we can continue to appreciate. You can keep your genitals in good working order using pumping and GAINSWave to enjoy ageless sexuality. And you can sculpt your penis into a look that pleases you—as well as beef up your clitoral body to enhance your pleasure. These are all reasonable practices of #selfcaredownthere

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