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“She Needs Two Hands Now”

When a woman takes a man into her mouth, she can slide him down her throat and massage the glans (tip of his penis) with her throat. 

Can you imagine what it feels like to slide your penis in that velvety tube and feel her throat muscles pulsing your member?

Any woman can learn how to take a guy in. It’s HEALTHY and calming.

People make the gag reflex a bigger deal than it is. The gag reflex is just the beginning of the orgasmic contraction. Once you get used to it, it triggers the orgasm

Any lover can easily slide a guy in if she knows what to do. 

Eating Lollipop 2

She can use simple tricks to control the tempo of her suckling without triggering her.

The benefits to a woman are tremendous, too. Besides the pleasure she feels when his manhood is in her throat, it stimulates her vagal nerve.

“This little bundle of nerves comes out of your spinal cord, winds through your chest and down to your digestive organs, calms your heart rate, and makes you connect. A little touch to the body stimulates the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is firing, a person can experience great joy and compassion.” 

According to Dacher Keltner, a professor at UC Berkeley, “Vagal Superstars” have robust health. “They have healthy marriages and raise healthier offspring. They recover from the death of a spouse more quickly. They are more likely to be kind and trustworthy. Kind people are more likely to rise in social hierarchies.”

Now, I’m not saying that learning how easy and fun it is to let a man slide into your mouth is going to make you a vagal superstar, but it will stimulate this “nerve of compassion.” We are just beginning to understand our nervous system, but I can tell you that oral sex is part of a hot, healthy, steamy sexual relationship.

With The Blow Job Secret, you can start learning the myriad benefits of Irritatio (aka Deep Throbbing) tonight.

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Gosh, I love my job. And I appreciate you.

We’ve written everything you need to know to work up to deep-throating, including how to make it incredibly erotic for you both.

Discover the fantastic “Sphincter Dilation” that opens the door to deep throating… while dampening the gag reflex! (You must see a real woman experience this to believe it’s possible!)

Discover how to Get Her Deep Throat You

Just $9.95 for Four Ebooks ⇐ Everything For Mutually Orgasmic Fellatio

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