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Intimacy Experience: Using “Desire” For Empowerment (Part 4 of 4)

I hope you’ve been enjoying our journey into the fascinating world of erotic intelligence and the dance of sensuality and spirituality.

Deborah Kagan sure knows how to light up our worlds with her insights!

Speaking of which, this week, we’re delving into desire.

We’ve all felt it. But have you ever paused to think about its more profound meaning and how it’s linked to your mojo? Get ready because Deborah’s about to take you on a ride. 

Now, let Deborah take the stage:

The Alchemy of Desire: Channeling It Right 

“Desire—it’s a powerful word, isn’t it? A potent mix of yearning, longing, and passion. But what if I told you it’s more than just a feeling? Desire, when channeled correctly and connected to your life force (aka mojo), becomes the magnetic pull guiding you to your most authentic self. This is valid for your life, in and out of the bedroom.

But what happens when you stifle your desire? Or ignore it altogether? Ouch! It’s unsuitable for your intimate life and robs you of your confidence. Sadly, most societies don’t foster an empowering context around desire. This is why we need more education, tools, coaches, mentors, and resources in sensual wellness. Thank goodness you’re here in the Personal Life Media community!

Now, back to desire. Desire shouldn’t be suppressed or ignored. Instead, see it as a compass, pointing towards what your soul truly craves. It could be an intimate connection, a night with your new fave date night activity, or even a transformative, emotional experience with your loved one. The point is not necessarily doing the thing but instead exploring the energy of the desire behind the thing.

That energy is pure life force. It moves everything forward, including a joyful, fulfilling life. But, it’s critical to check yourself and discover where your edge is in actually allowing yourself to feel the desires. When you find your edge, pause. The knee-jerk reaction is to clamp down. Instead, simply pause and breathe. By changing your reaction, you carve new neural pathways in your brain and body. These are the ones that write a permission slip to your desire. These are the ones saying “YES” to your desires. These are the ones you want to infiltrate your system so that your desire is welcomed.

Intimacy Practice:

Get some paper and a writing utensil you enjoy.

Set a timer for three minutes.

When you start the timer, take one sheet of paper and write about one of your dreams and desires. Do this in stream-of-consciousness writing—where you never take the pen off the paper until the timer is up. Keep writing.

Repeat this at least two more times on up to as many as you’d like.

Once you’re complete, you will have three or more of your desires written down.

The next step is to share them with someone. Make sure this is a safe, trusted person. You do not need to fulfill the desire with this person; merely have them be a witness to your desire.

This process is simple yet giantly profound. 

When you accept your desires, it gives you access to share them. And when you share them, they can be actualized. How delicious is that!

In my new book, UNDRESSED: An Invitation to Claim Your Erotic Nature, I give you access to your desires through the potency of your sixth power center. This is the place commonly known as your third eye.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with desire and my intimate life?

Ev-er-y-thing! When you learn to open the sixth power center and channel your desires, you become an empowered version of yourself—fearless, fierce, and fabulously alive. And you become deliciously magnetic. So, the next time desire whispers in your ear, listen closely and let it move through your body.

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and Bonuses. — Deborah Kagan.

Undressed Collage

Goodness, gracious! 

Desire as our compass, guiding us to our most authentic selves? Deborah has this incredible way of making us view the everyday aspects of our lives through such a transformative lens.

Using “desire” to rewrite our neural pathways can be life-changing if you allow it to work in your life. I’m indeed giving her Intimacy Practice a shot tonight!

For those who can’t get enough of these insights (guilty as charged!), you’ll want to grab Deborah’s book, “UNDRESSED: An Invitation to Claim Your Erotic Nature.” This is the roadmap to accessing your deepest desires and letting them guide you in the most magical ways.

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and Bonuses. — Deborah Kagan.

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