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 Do THIS activity to reclaim your MOJO (Part 1 of 4)

I’m handing over today’s Sunday digest to a fellow expert in the intimacy empowerment field. Please meet my dear friend, Deborah Kagan, who I’ve invited to guest-write for you for the next four weeks from her new book, “UNDRESSED: An Invitation to Claim Your Exotic Nature.”

Deborah focuses on empowering women (and the men who love them) in intimate self-discovery and personal growth. Her message is simple: Rock your mojo, and you rock your life!

In the following four weekly digests, Deborah will give you an exercise to connect deeply with your sensuality to develop more self-love, confidence, and magnetic energy that attracts what you truly desire:

Deborah Kagan

Undressing the Myth: Claiming Your Intimate Power 

“For generations, society has woven a narrative around the concept of eros, binding it tightly to mere physical encounters and fleeting moments of passion. The whispers of ancestors and traditions have inadvertently draped the true essence of eros with veils of misunderstanding. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey of unwrapping this ancient gift and revealing its true splendor.

When we think of ‘erotic,’ the mind often flits to those hidden pages of a romance novel or dimly lit scenes from a movie. But let’s pause and reconsider. 

Eros isn’t merely about the throes of physical passion; it’s an all-encompassing force that ties our very spirit to the essence of life and vibrancy. It’s that undeniable energy that surges through us when we are deeply connected to our purpose, our passions, and, yes, our pleasures. 

Simply, Eros = mojo + desire.

However, somewhere along the line, the depth and diversity of eros were eclipsed by society’s narrow interpretation, entangling it with mere physical play. This perspective does a disservice to the vast ocean that is our sensual nature. While intimacy is a beautiful and integral part of the human experience, eros transcends it. It reaches into creativity, spiritual connection, and profound personal power.

By recognizing and embracing our unique erotic blueprint, we free ourselves from societal shackles. To be intimately empowered is a state of being, a resonating frequency where you’re in tune with your desires, boundaries, and the divine dance between them. It’s about expressing yourself in the bedroom and vibrating in the universe. It’s the fearless affirmation of your wants, needs, and the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

To claim your intimate power, here is a practice that honors the sacred temple that is your body, mind, and spirit and helps you move with intention and grace. When you step into this realm of authenticity, you radiate. You attract experiences and connections that resonate with your true essence, leading to a life rich in depth, meaning, and joy.

Stand in front of a mirror, ideally a full-length one. Take a nice, slow, deep belly breath and exhale with some sound. Now, look at yourself. Look. See who’s there. Do your best to see beyond the flesh and bone. Look deeper into your eyes and feel into what I call your soul space. Once you think that, read these phrases aloud, pausing between each one to look at yourself. Take in the words like gulping water after a sweltering day.

  • It is safe to claim my intimate nature
  • I am worthy of living with sensual energy every day
  • It is my choice to explore my sensuality how I please
  • I love my deep, private dreams and desires
  • The more I honor my intimate vision, the more I accept myself

Pause, take another deep belly breath, and look at yourself again. Notice. How do you feel? What’s shifted? It could be very subtle yet palpable. Use this simple daily practice for one week to make a potent shift in your relationship with eros. 

Let’s peel back the layers, shed the misconceptions, and stand tall in our radiant erotic truth. Dive into the pages of my brand new book, UNDRESSED: An Invitation to Claim Your Erotic Nature, and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and erotic empowerment…and yes, that includes deeper, more profound orgasms 😉

Click here for a copy of

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and Bonuses. — Deborah Kagan

Undressed Debora Kagan

Wow! Did that make anyone else’s wheels start turning? 

Deborah delves into the idea that our intimate nature isn’t just about physical passion; it’s about an all-encompassing force that defines us as vibrant, purposeful beings. Whether it’s the ‘mojo’ we bring into our daily lives or the more profound connection with our true essence, this article challenges us to claim our power; if you found that as enlightening as I did, you’re in for a treat.

To dig deeper into these potent concepts, go ahead and get your hands on her book, “UNDRESSED.” It will be an adventurous read and come with some juicy bonuses that you would want to take advantage of.

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Susan Green Grass

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