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How To Keep Your Relationship FUN and INTIMATE

Whether you want to keep your mutual physical satisfaction strong for decades or try to impress on a first date, being playful is a shortcut to relational happiness. 

Here are three tricks to warm intimacy. 

  • The first is understanding how to trigger feel-good hormones
  • The second is leveraging all five pillars of romance
  • The third, easy but takes practice, is staying present with your partner.  

Romance and playful adventure lowers stress. Being genuinely present for that romance accelerates your co-regulation, which is the antidote to stress. Don’t just go through the motions; savor your playfulness to maximize the benefits of this relaxing relationship-building experience.


Four brain chemicals have ruled our mating instincts throughout time:

  1. Testosterone: The chemical of desire drives physical connection.
  2. Dopamine: The chemical of reward peaks before we get the reward. It’s triggered by novelty.
  3. Oxytocin: The chemical of trust and bonding makes us love one another.
  4. Prolactin: The chemical of satiety. This hormone helps us feel fulfilled and satisfied by our romantic experiences.

Triggering these chemicals to turn on the romance takes a combination of novelty, a little “safe danger,” which you can think about as adventure, and polarity or the feeling of the masculine and feminine coming together. 

Sure, flowers and candy are romantic, but rowing her in a boat on a lake has the benefit of getting “love chemicals” flowing through your body. Novelty is scientifically proven to help you fall in love and keep your love deepening if you continue to do various exciting things together.

As a relationship expert, I’ve studied what makes romance romantic. In my research, I’ve discovered five kinds of romantic expressions universally loved by humans. I call these the five pillars of passion. Read more about the 5 Pillars of Passion here

Mindfulness is rooted in presence. And “presence” in a relationship takes it to a new level. Noticing your partner, staying in communication, and being aware of your partner’s moods are all part of this presence. Here’s an article about Presence

Love is out there. The more you put out, the more it comes back to you. Whether that’s in your relationship or the one you’re seeking. Think up a menu of fun options and run it by your partner. Make a date and look forward to it. Stay present. Take photos to make memories. And share your favorite moments after the experience. All of these activities deepen your love, affection, and happiness.

Stay playful!

— Susan Bratton, “Intimacy Expert to Millions,💋” is a spokesperson for the GAINSWave® and FemiWave® regenerative treatments. She is a champion of ageless intimacy, knowing that your sex span increases your health span. Her book, Hot To Trot, includes 38 fascinating facts that supercharge your sex drive. 

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