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How To Emotionally Synchronize With Your Partner

Each time I share intimate moments with my husband, it’s like an emotional journey that keeps getting better and more fulfilling. 

Our connection deepens, and my joy escalates to unimaginable heights, like waves growing in intensity. This emotional fulfillment is a natural response that grows stronger and longer as we connect deeper.

Emotional joy in relationships CAN improve with age if we continue to nurture our connection before fully engaging. However, some individuals give up on working on maintaining their deep connections, often leaving their partners disappointed.

It’s not often because “the love has gone.” 

It’s more often than not a mismatch of desire. 

This happens when you’re not on the same page with your partner. 

Why do some lovers find it so hard to reach emotional synchronicity? Several factors come into play, and I have some insights to share. 

Let’s highlight two areas contributing to this mismatch in desire: 

Cosmic Orgasmic


  1. Men often have an easier time expressing desires and feelings due to societal conditioning, giving them a competitive advantage.
  2. History and culture have warped how women should approach their desires.

Due to societal norms, women may need more time to express their feelings and needs. 

Cultural expectations add to the anxiety, from women being expected to be subservient to men to women being expected to put others’ needs before their own. These pressures can make building an emotional connection more challenging. 

Men, more often than not, already know what they want. They know what makes them happy. And when they get it, they’re satisfied. 

Women often worry about a cacophony of things all at the same time. We also need to be better. And as long as these emotional needs aren’t met, we find it hard to feel like we can surrender to our partner and enjoy each other. 

When the guy understands this and truly wants to please his partner, he will want to be more patient, loving, expressive with his feelings, and open to openly showing his affection and adoration for her. 

To make her feel safe, loved, cherished. 

The magic happens when she feels she’s ready to tear down her walls and enjoy emotional experiences with her partner.

Try this tonight. 

Slow down. Listen to each other’s physical and emotional needs. Don’t rush each other. Be present with each other in every second you’re together. Focus on only the two of you and let the rest of the world pass by. 

Get synchronized emotionally and physically. 

Then you can finally start enjoying each other. 

Happy Tim and Susan Bratton

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