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Fascinating New Vagina Discovery! (Part 4 of 8)

Hope this message finds you happy, healthy, and horny. Because we all know that a strong libido is a signal of great health, I have a brand new insight about the vagina for you that will change how you think about intercourse completely. 

That’s a bold statement. 

See if you agree…

I’ve often described the vagina as a pocket rather than a “canal, ” tube, or an inside-out penis. This visualization is very important because it completely changes how you approach intercourse.

Think about it not just as a pocket but as a flat pocket with nothing in it until you put something inside. Your pocket is flat against your body unless you put your hand or a wad of $100s in it. 

That’s exactly what a vagina is like. The sides touch each other until something like a tampon, penis, or sex toy is inserted or a baby emerges.


The vagina is like a small balloon with a thin neck and a round top with a little convex depression where the cervix presses down. (See vaginal castings below.) 

The vagina is a fabulously stretchy muscle that can bounce back. When a woman is aroused, the uterus contracts up and elongates the pocket, allowing the pocket to stretch to accommodate a penis or toy.

When she has a baby, the cervix drops down and retracts the way a planetary observatory dilates open, like the pupil of your eye. 

After birth and intercourse or self-pleasuring, the vagina contracts back to its original pocket. It’s accordion-pleated at the entrance when it’s not aroused and smooth when it is. The pleating is particularly pronounced in the area of the G-Spot until that tissue has engorged from arousal. The G-Spot isn’t a spot — it’s a tube of erectile tissue surrounding a woman’s urethral canal. It becomes engorged because it is part of the three erectile tissue systems of the female genitals: clitoral, urethral, and perineal.

The perineal sponge is on the bottom of the vaginal neck, between the vaginal and rectal lining.

The vaginal structure is surrounded at the entrance by erectile tissue:

  • By the labia, which have the clitoral legs under them
  • The urethral sponge on the roof
  • The perineal sponge on the floor
  • The clitoral arms, which run from the clitoral shaft back into the body alongside the urethral sponge on either side

Then, deeper in the vagina, you find the cervix or portal to the uterus pressing down three-quarters of the way back. Further back, beyond the cervix, is the P-Spot or posterior spot. Again, this is not a spot. And the vagina isn’t getting aroused from a specific location. It prefers pressure into the body beyond the vaginal lining.  The friction of the vaginal tissue isn’t as pleasurable as the feeling of being full and having pressure all around the interior of the abdomen. 

When women talk about getting their “guts f*cked,” this is what they mean. When women talk about “cervical orgasms,” they aren’t talking about the cervix being the only place wanting stimulation. They want this feeling of the meat all around the neck, stimulating the body’s cave.

The reframe I want you to get is that she has a 360° balloon-shaped muscle that feels good being touched all the way around from top to bottom, from shallow to deep. And not the friction of his tube in her tube is the only thing that feels good. 

Yes, sliding in and out is great. But so many more moves, pivots, and probing will activate more orgasmic bliss for her. See my Orgasmic Intercourse series of techniques to add to your repertoire.

It takes time to activate this tissue. At first, it may be numb or armored. It may be tender. But when a penis owner connects their heart to their penis and reassuringly stimulates the tissue inside her, it begins to feel better and better. Making shallow and deep strokes, pivots, and rocking motions, rather than just the piston move, will awaken her vaginal orgasms.

You can very effectively use my Orgasmic Cross Training suggested tools and toys to activate this internal tissue as well. The best are the Internal+External, Thrusters and G-Spot Wands.

Vaginas don’t get “stretched out” from sex or large penises. The tissue lining the vagina does thin with age, contributing to vaginal laxity or loss of supple grip. This suppleness can be reconstituted using

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We, humans, have never seen the shape of vaginas until now. And I’m pleased to introduce you to the artist, Jamie McCartney. No relation to Paul… Jamie’s previous claim to fame was The Great Wall of Vaginas. He took impressions of women’s vulvas (the outside of the female genital system) and made art. 

Now Jamie has renamed the Great Wall of Vagina all the Great Wall of Vulva because he learned that the vagina is the internal pocket and the vulva is the external set of parts such as the mons, labia, clitoral head, hood, fourchette, vestibule, and perineum.

Jamie took his casting skills internally, and now we know what the pocket looks like when it’s filled with casting material. It looks like a little balloon with a small neck, a round top, and a convex depression on the top where the cervix presses down into it. 


I’m so excited about this depiction of the vagina because you can understand much more easily that the vagina is NOT an inside-out penis. It’s not a “shaft” or “canal.” It has a thin neck that is smaller and becomes more yielding deeper inside. There is room beyond the cervix. Now you can more easily visualize that the vagina is a cave-like structure.

That’s why it doesn’t want just to be pumped in and out, in and out, like you see in porn. That’s what a penis wants because the shaft likes to be stroked, and the glans like the feeling of being held deeply in the vagina. So what most people think of intercourse is more like what a man does when he masturbates, not what feels good to a woman’s anatomy.


Let me distill yet another misconception. There are mechanoreceptors all over the vulva and inside the vagina, not just at the introital sphincter (the round muscle at the opening of the vagina). Most women feel near the opening because that has gotten the most developed attention on their body. As a matter of fact, in a study of 441 sexually active women, 50.8% reported vaginal introitus to be the most erogenous sexual zone. Only 40% said the clitoris was their most sensitive area. 

Perhaps that is because the vagina is the most common place where sexual activity between heterosexual couples occurs, so it has the most heightened sensory connection to the brain, our biggest sex organ. Sexperts are still pleading with men to “touch the clitoris” during intercourse.

As you know, if you’ve been following my thinking over these last few decades, the body learns to feel pleasure through focused stimulation in an area. This is the core tenet of my Orgasmic Activation strategy, my Orgasmic Cross-Training method, and my Orgasmic Intercourse techniques. Bringing pleasurable stimulation to an area that is numb, hurts, is sensitive, or is a source of shame is the way to get the mind-body connection to transform into pleasure.

Then when you get it engorged — full of blood — the surface area is physically larger, which sends MORE pleasure signals to your biggest sex organ, your brain.  (Take FLOW if you’re over 40 to improve blood flow to your brain, heart, and parts.) Stimulation from hands, mouth, and TOYS does the trick. It takes 20-30 minutes of concentrated pleasuring. Don’t rush yourself.


Just because a male partner is erect is not a cause for intercourse. You must honor the Yoni (female genital system) and her timing. He can go soft first to cater to the woman… and get hard again when she’s ready for penetration. Slow down. 

Most women have only been masturbated into by penis owners visualizing an inside-out penis used for shaft and glans stroking of his member. They haven’t gotten the kind of stimulation the vaginal pocket requires for orgasm. Most people erroneously believe all her pleasure is at the entrance to her vagina, so they don’t explore the 360° cave inside her. They are focused on the “old in and out,” not the deep recesses of her internal workings. They jackhammer her hoping to generate enough stimulation that it elicits an orgasm.

The problem is the pounding style of intercourse doesn’t feel good until she’s fully engorged. She has three erectile tissue systems that wrap around her vagina. Just like he has three erectile tissue tubes that run the length of his penis, she’s a circle, and he’s a line. Yes, the line goes in the circle. But the circle needs to be swollen with blood flow to feel the stimulation of the line. 

Moreover, every part of her cave is orgasmic. The right side, the left side, the top, the bottom, deep, shallow — 360° of pleasure can be activated by a penis owner or dildo that works the whole cave. The G-Spot, which is not a spot, it’s a tube of erectile tissue, and one of her three erectile structures, including the clitoris and perineal systems, runs along the top of her pocket. 

When we talk about “spots” like the A-spot, the Deep Spot, and the G-Spot, this is all just bullshit. There are no “spots!” The entire vaginal pocket can be orgasmically activated such that it all feels exquisitely pleasurable. 

In my Orgasmic Intercourse techniques, one of the concepts I teach so that you can build a stroke collection is a notion I got from the lovely Billy Sunday Mars about using the penis or dildo as a pool queue — go in the right side of the pocket and aim left and vice versa. Pool and snooker jokes for applause here, please. 🙂

But you’re not stroking the vaginal mucosal lining, the skin of the vagina. It’s not an inside-out penis. You’re stimulating her guts… the abdominal cavity… what’s on the other side of the vaginal wall, just like when you “rub the G-Spot,” you’re not going to get anywhere stroking the skin of her vagina. She will ejaculate and have G-Spot orgasms when you curve around and reach up into the abdominal tissue. Tallulah’s program, Female Liquid Orgasm, will show you exactly what to do.

Remember how Dr. Patti and I taught you not to stroke just the skin of the clitoris but to stroke the meat of the clit below the skin’s surface when you’re doing Expanded Orgasm dates? It’s the same with the vaginal pocket. You’re touching her body through the vaginal skin. She wants to feel your touch beyond the vagina. This is why women rave about “cervical orgasms.” They see God not because you’re rubbing the head of a dick on the cervical skin but deep up in her womb. Same with going past her cervix to the deep end of her pocket — she feels it in her back and the upper part of her rectum and abdomen. 

This is another reason some women like large penises because they can reach there more deeply. And I don’t mind talking about big penises because you can make yours thicker and longer simply by using

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. The more surface area there is, the more pleasure signals to your biggest sex organ… your brain.

Thank god for Jamie McCartney doing vagina castings. I can show you what you’re doing there for the first time. Now that you can visualize this pocket or cave, you can start working the 360° of pleasure. It takes some time. Maybe a couple of years. The progress is noticeable, so keep going. Over time, the entire pocket will be activated, and when she’s engorged, you can do almost anything, and it will feel incredible. She will want it deeper, harder, longer, shorter, side to side, up and down. You will need to get your hips loosened up and your psoas stretched… maybe think about taking Yoga. The more flexible you are and the more fluid your pelvises, the more you two can gyrate the cave and activate her orgasms. 

Review my series of Orgasmic Intercourse techniques through the lens of the balloon-shaped pocket cave and with the knowledge of engorging her three erectile tissue systems before penetration. Move from backward masturbation to a panoply of penis and vagina moves to have the best sex of anyone you know. 

Next week I have more research demonstrating how to massively increase orgasmic pleasure and light up your lover’s brain.

I love you.

This is FLOW. The Nitric Oxide booster is made from organic fruit and vegetables. It’s primarily citrulline-based, which research shows is best for those over 40 trying to improve their blood flow. See if it improves your engorgement, erection, and lubrication.

Get more Orgasmic Activation tips here!

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  1. What sensations, if any, can a woman with a complete hysterectomy have in the area where her cervix was removed and up and beyond since there is no uterus or ovaries?

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