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Healing Paths for Physical and Emotional Trauma

A lot of us have gone through all sorts of personal trauma. 

Whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual trauma, very few people escape some sort of sexual shutdown.

For many of us, it’s tough to heal, move on, and let it all go.

These traumatic feelings often arise in the worst situations and cause problems in our current relationships. 

I feel today’s video is essential for so many of us. I’m interviewing Michelle Norris, Paleo f(x) CEO, and her personal experiences with physical and emotional trauma.

Despite going through significant trauma, she’s become CEO of a hugely successful convention that helps change many people’s lives worldwide.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Healing Paths for Physical and Emotional Trauma

As you go through the interview video with us, you’ll discover:

  • Things that happened in Michelle’s life helped move her to heal and grow from her sexual abuse and trauma
  • How it affected her relationship with her husband, other people, money, and other aspects
  • The first steps she suggests to get into healing from abuse and trauma
  • Things that Michelle needs to feel safe caused of her trauma
  • How she dissipates stress and negative energy in her relationship, business, and sensual life
  • How do her past experiences affect her sex life and relationship with her body and genitals
  • How Michelle sees her Orgasmic Potential journey throughout her life to today and beyond
  • What Michelle is the most excited about concerning her relationship, energy, and sensualities 

Michelle’s journey has been challenging, just like it is for everyone who has had trauma in the past. Hopefully, what we’ve discussed in this video will help you heal and grow from your trauma.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Healing Paths for Physical and Emotional Trauma 

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