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Bugs Not Drugs: How To Produce More Hormones Part 2

It all starts with the gut, whether it’s your anxiety, ADHD, hormones, or how you will make it to 90 in health.

And after being inside the circles of some of the most connected experts in health, wellness, longevity, and vitality…

The gut is one of the most important, if not THE most critical part, of our body’s defense system. 

That’s why everyone must have a basic yet solid understanding of their gut microbiome, probiotics, detoxification, and incorporating it into their lives.

Today’s video is Part 2 of my video conversation with my friend, Dr. Grace Liu. She is a microbiome expert, clinical pharmacist, and functional medicine practitioner. She also started The Gut Institute. 

Watch our video to discover some of the most profound information on our gut microbiome, how it protects us, and how our actions can either add cracks or help heal our body’s number one defense system. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Bugs Not Drugs Part 2 (How To Produce More Hormones)


In this video, we go deep into the gut microbiome, the right probiotics to start with, how the average person can start detoxification, and much more. Here’s some of what we covered: 

  • What do you do to eliminate problems like parasitic or fungal overgrowths, among others
  • How long does it take someone in bad shape to reverse their dysbiosis and heal their microbiome
  • How does an excellent working microbiome help with your overall health
  • If someone wants to detox themselves on a limited budget, what do they do to figure it out themselves
  • Myths and misconceptions concerning enzymes and probiotics
  • How does a person “weed” out the good and bad probiotics
  • What foods to eat to assist your gut microbiome in recovery 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Bugs Not Drugs Part 2 (How To Produce More Hormones) 

Here is Part One Bugs Not Drugs Part 1

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