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“Crazy SWOOSH of energy, and we were like, WTF?” Please explain! [Mailbag]

Keisha and her husband had a crazy orgasm and the best orgasm experience, and I explained what it is and how she is ready to take the following steps in her sexual unfoldment.

“Hi, Susan,

I had some sort of energy orgasm, and I want your reflection on my experience.

It was the most bizarre thing I have ever felt. It was not a full-body energy orgasm per se, but it was yellow (abdominal, health) energy in the Chakra system.

I practiced tantric breathing to block my negative self-talk during foreplay, focusing on my breath, feeling every single minute detail of what my husband was doing to me manually and the pleasure and arousal it gave me. 

He was moving an anal toy in me and touching my vestibular/clitoral areas, and then I saw yellow energy sizzling above my body in a linear line going from my chest to my pelvis. It hissed, and I gasped, then it swelled, rose, split down the median of my body, and swooshed outward on either side of my body. 

When it swooshed, I felt this crazy release of energy that made me kind of sound like I was having an orgasm because I felt it in my bones. I felt good and peaceful, had a strong sense of well-being, and just felt happy.

My husband was confused, and we both were like, “WTF?” But here’s the crazy part: I felt it into the next day in the afternoon.

I have ADHD impulsivity and inattentiveness moderate to severe, and my brain NEVER slows, shuts down, or is at peace. I felt the world was a beautiful, joyful, all-is-right place and wondered if this is what it feels like to be other people with a calm brain?

But I am not religious, spiritual, or of any other belief system, so this rocked my world. It encouraged me to do more awareness and breathing exercises, tap into my energy, and move it around my body.

Can you shed any light on this for me, please? 


Keisha (not her real name) 


Hi Keisha,

I am glad you are working to block negative self-talk during sex. Sex is a mindfulness practice. Keep bringing yourself back to love, and soon those thoughts will be a thing of the past.

You can read up on Kundalini Awakening. That’s what you experienced. Often people describe it as a feeling that a snake unfurled at the sacral spine area and warm heat traveled up and out the top of their head. This indicates that you’ve opened yourself sexually to a new level of turn-on. WOOHOO!

This Kundalini Awakening is a Tantric sex experience. It’s reasonably common in people who experience a sexual awakening. I’m so glad you have experienced this!

This Sexual Breathing/Sounding/Squeezing technique may also help you get into those states of pleasure more efficiently.


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