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No More Dead “Feeling” In My Missing Finger (Mailbag)

No More Dead “Feeling” In My Missing Finger (Mailbag)

Hello, Susan!

I’ve been using FLOW for about a year, and I know that your ingredients are efficacious.

Last November, after about a month’s use, I had extreme pain in a finger that had a “modified amputation,” six years after a dog bite.

The pain lessened gradually over the next month, and I discovered that I had more “feeling” in my fingertip and the fingertip itself had a “beefier” appearance.

No miraculous bone growth, but I’m a happy camper. No longer made aware of the dog attack multiple times every day by the dead feeling in my finger. (It took over a year to be able to type with a reasonable degree of accuracy, again, after the dog bite).” — Yulia (not her real name)



Blood flow is crucial for engorgement, tumescence, and sensation. A lack of blood flow impacts men and women alike as we age.

This would also explain why you could feel a little more sensation throughout your body. 

Nitric Oxide is what makes your veins relax so blood can flow. Nitric Oxide production diminishes as we age, the same way hormone production slows down.

Your veins get stiff, and the blood stops flowing as well. You can’t think as well, get heavy legs, lose a bit of sensation, and feel less pleasure.

When the NO (Nitric Oxide) is low, less blood flows to your entire body.

Nitric Oxide supplements radically help our body restore healthy blood flow and circulation. That means we can make up for lost function much faster now.

And that’s precisely why I formulated FLOW, the world’s FIRST organic Nitric Oxide supplement for healthy blood flow to your brain, heart, and genitals. 

I also have a libido vitamin trilogy — a 90-day supply of a daily vitamin-mineral complex with 100% of US daily allowances, including iodine, essential for thyroid function, and iron, in turn, is necessary for blood oxygenation. Each of the three months has a different, equally potent libido botanical.

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