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They stuck something in my penis!

Is GAINSWave safe for you? Read on to learn more.

Hot bedroom adventures. 

That’s what we all want. And that’s what I want for you. 

But that can only happen if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally able to give the intimacy you both crave. 

Some guys get it, just like Craig, who recently sent me an email.

Craig’s looking to keep things sizzling and asks for advice about his “equipment.” Check out his email and Dr. Judson Brandeis’ response below. 

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“Dear Susan;

Susan, I have a question for you. I am 59 yrs old and married. I want the bedroom to stay hot with my wife for as long as possible. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary. 

About 15-16 years ago, I went and had penile surgery. They place a couple of Alloderm inserts inside my penis. I have had no complications. After reading one of your articles, you said that your husband Tim gets p-shots. I wonder if getting a p-shot after having surgery would be a good and safe thing to do. Can you PLEASE advise? 

Thanking you in advance and just loving all that you do.” — Craig (not his real name) 


I spoke with Dr. Judson Brandeis, a board-certified urologist, penile surgeon, GAINSWave and P Shot treatment doctor, and a friend of mine. He believes it’s safe, but you should see a doctor who does his P Shots with guided ultrasound. Note the ultrasound photo on this story of Karl’s P Shot experience.

From Dr. Brandeis:

“I am happy for you that it sounds like your Alloderm procedure was successful. Since the Alloderm lies outside the erectile body, I think it would be safe to do a P-shot, but only with a very experienced provider in this procedure. 

AlloDerm® is an implantable product derived from natural human tissues that have been used in over 750,000 plastic surgeries and facial reconstructions. It is a raw material screened for any impurities and viruses before use for lip enhancement and other human grafts. AlloDerm® can also be used for Penile Augmentation, where the doctor uses (human tissue) and tailors it to the size of the individual.

AlloDerm consists of cadaveric “…donated human skin tissue supplied by US AATB-compliant tissue bank [which] is [then] aseptically processed using LifeCell’s proprietary technique [in order] to remove the epidermis and cells that can lead to tissue rejection and graft failure. The [final product] is an intact acellular matrix of natural biological components that promotes rapid revascularization, white cell migration, and cell repopulation, as shown in animal studies*

AlloDerm usually is used to repair damaged sections in hernia and breast reconstruction procedures. AlloDerm aids the regenerative process by providing a framework that facilitates the migration of new cells and blood vessels into the tissue “rather than triggering a scarring response. [Furthermore], AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix allows [the body] to follow its regenerative process—restoring tissue to its original structural, functional, and physiological condition.

Gradually, some surgeons who perform penile enlargement procedures have turned to the use of AlloDerm. In penile enlargement procedures, surgeons attempt to increase the girth of the male penis by layering sheets of it (usually 1 to 6 sheets), resulting in a greater penile shaft circumference. 

The use of AlloDerm in penile enlargement procedures has resulted in many complications, including seromas, infections, and skin necrosis and loss. A failed neovascularization (growth of new vessels into the matrix) results in matrix loss, internal necrosis, and skin damage. The simultaneous integration of the matrix into the shaft tissue and the overlying penile skin causes severe adhesion, leading to skin necrosis and loss. 

Furthermore, the insufficient number of AlloDerm sheets implanted provides only a relatively small gain in overall penis girth, which decreases over time due to tissue absorption—moreover, this tissue absorption results in an asymmetric penile appearance.”

— Judson Brandeis MD.
There you go. 

Words from Dr. Judd himself. 

These procedures are relatively safe. However, make sure the doctors you work with have strict protocols and operate with the highest quality standards. 

That’s why I only recommend those I’ve had myself (or for men’s procedures, my husband himself has tried) with solid science and a track record of positive results. 

Is GAINSWave safe for you? Again, you only want the best for your tool. Aside from the P-Shot, here are some other tools and procedures I recommend.

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