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“What to do when a man mentions this fantasy?”

I got a super sexy request for advice this week that I had to share with you. Read on to learn about these fantasy date ideas.

“Hello, Dear Susan, Beautiful sex advisor to millions!

My wonderful man and I get spicy and heated up when we are doing the “wild thing” by whispering our fantasies. Last night in a very passionate moment, he whispered in his deepest, sexy voice, “wouldn’t it be fun for someone to watch us?” (That is not a fantasy of mine.)  He is a very visual man, always suggesting he would love a video of us making love. I always make sure I am his eye candy, and he sure is mine.

Anyway, what does his fantasy mean? I was kind of surprised, and later I wondered who? (I’ll ask him another time in the heat of the moment)  I am not shy in the bedroom, and neither is he, which is why our lovemaking is so fun and hot and steamy. Uninhibited is one of the things he loves about me. Can you explain the voyeur fantasy? I will indulge his fantasy and pretend with him, but only in fantasy if it revs up the passion. What do you think about this? I’d love to get your take on this!

Thanks! I value your every word and love your videos! Your advice is always so exciting and works for us.

Your longtime, loyal fan,

Kaylee (not her real name).” 


Hello Darling Jennifer,

I got turned on just reading your letter! I’m so glad your partner shares his fantasies with you freely. He trusts you and likes being sexy with you.

What he’s turned on by is being an exhibitionist, not a voyeur. He wants to be watched making love to you.

I think your guy is a stud who wants additional respect and approval for his cocksmanship!

What’s so fun about fantasy sharing is that your partner thinks up things that would never dawn on you. And most of them are just darn good ideas, so it expands your pleasure palette even more.

Another benefit of fantasy sharing is that you can pretend! It never has to become a reality. But with this, how about if you set up the video camera, put a hat on it, and pretend you have someone watching you make love?

What would that do to your sex scene if you played it up for the voyeur? How would you both tantalize yourself, your man, and your voyeur?

  • Would you wear your sluttiest lingerie and stripper shoes?
  • Would you try some heroic sex positions that work best for the camera/voyeur?
  • Would you moan and scream extra loudly and put on a show?

What would that extra sexy show do for your orgasmic pleasure?

A lot, I think!

Give it a try and share your favorite frame with me after. 

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