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How A Guy Can Lose Fat With Technology

Doctors and health experts have been raving about Dr. Judson Brandeis’ new book, The 21st Century Man. And while Dr. Judd specializes in urology, his book covers many vital topics that affect every man.

Today’s video will discuss how any guy can lose fat using the latest technology. Suz and Dr. Judd also mention procedures like the EmSculpt, which uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to improve muscle-building and fat loss.

Click Here To Watch Their Video ⇐ How A Guy Can Lose Fat With New Technology

At more than 900 pages, this is the life manual all men (and their partners) will want, helping men feel great, look good, and have better physical intimacy for the rest of their lives.

According to Dr. Judd, this isn’t a 300-page book that one can summarize in two pages. This is a 900-page book that can be outlined in 900 pages. It’s just THAT chock-full of valuable info for men of the current age. The good news is you can skip from chapter to chapter, reading the sections most crucial to your and your family’s health and happiness.

The book also provides leading-edge research on reversing early dementia and

protecting brain health and subjects, including family life, hormone therapy, psychology, etc.

In this book, you’ll find a practical guide to men’s health and discover:

  • The most common health causes of premature death in men and intelligent ways to reduce risks
  • Principles of nutrition and exercise and how to fuel and strengthen your body without injury
  • Coping with mental health struggles and addictive behavior to increase the quality of life
  • How to continue looking good through midlife and beyond
  • The impact of good relationship skills on men’s health and overall wellbeing
  • Techniques and strategies to continue enjoying mutually satisfying physical intimacy
  • Specifics on prostate health, testosterone, circumcision, vasectomy, and fertility
  • How to navigate healthcare systems and understand health insurance
  • An insider’s view on finding a specialist and making the most of your trip to the doctor
  • The health effects of gratitude and how to leave a legacy that inspires the next generation

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⇐ The 21st Century Man (Feel Great, Look Good, And Have Better Sex)

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Click Here To Watch Their Video ⇐ How A Guy Can Lose Fat With New Technology

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