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11-Step Couple’s “Sex Life Plus Up Plan.”

I hope you are good today. I wanted you to see this picture. I printed out eleven of my books (most free, some paid) for a couple I’m shepherding to a new level of sexual connection.

I usually never work one-on-one with people. I create “do-it-yourself” guided experiences through books, audio, and videos. But this particular couple I’ll be working with are biohackers with a top podcast. They’ve invited me to the show. They want me to help them with their sex life and discuss what they discovered on the show.

They are young, in excellent health, with two young kids. They’ve only been with each other. And though they feel they have a good sex life, they are a couple who always want to improve everything they do.

Here is my plan for them. I numbered the books and put them in the order I wanted them to try each technique. I thought it might help you see where you could shore up the foundations of your sexual knowledge. You know that sex gets better the more you know. So here you go:

PLM eBooks


The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date

Orgasmic Fantastic Date

First, I started with how to set up your Loverspace. For busy couples with kids, having sex always feels catch-as-catch-can. You squeeze it in. But when you take a few minutes to set up the bedroom, this ritual allows you to relax and have everything you need at hand. The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date is a checklist of how to quickly set up for lovemaking where you can surrender to your passion without groping for a clean towel.

Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date ⇐ Get the Free Audio here

The Soulmate Embrace

Soulmate Embrace Cover

Relaxation is the foundation on which arousal can build. Slowing down makes sex more intensely pleasurable. To intimately connect, it’s essential to take a moment before foreplay to hold and be held. The Soulmate Embrace is especially vital for the female sex because our estrogen keeps us all in our heads, thinking about a million things. We need to pause to let go of anything that’s bothering us so that we can settle into the moment with our partner. How to hold and be held is a learned skill, and this little book, Soulmate Embrace, walks you step-by-step through the experience.

Soulmate Embrace ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

The Sexual Soulmate Pact

Soulmate Pact

Until you can confidently ask for what you want, request changes in ways your partner is stimulating you, and give feedback without worrying that your partner will take it as criticism. You can’t get good together in bed. The Sexual Soulmate Pact is an agreement you strike together to get on the same team and communicate your needs and wants because each time you have sex, you want different things. Too many couples withhold their desire or are afraid to speak their truth. This ninja technique makes it effortless to have free-flowing communications about sex, even right in the middle of making love.

The Loverspace, the Embrace, and the Pact are the steady stool on which great sex is built. Once you have these three foundational tools, all the rest is 

Once you have the communication, intimate relaxation, and a safe space to express yourself, you can move up the arousal ladder to techniques.

Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

Couple On Stool

How To Be Instantly Hotter and Sexier

instantly hotter

So many people have furtive, genital friction in the dark in silence. It’s the lowest form of sex. Raising your skills to include all your touch and senses accelerates pleasure. The skills in Instantly Hotter and Sexier will push you past 95% of all the people in the world. They are simple and make you a super lover with a bit of practice. The practice is to overcome your default mode and activate your sexual potential. You’ll get a positive response from your partner when you do these simple flourishes while making love.

How To Be Instantly Hotter & Sexier in Bed ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

Dirty Talk

dirty talk cover

I mentioned above that most people are silent during sex. They don’t want the household to hear. They don’t know what to say, they are afraid to say something that will kill the mood, or they think they need the quiet to concentrate all their energy into achieving orgasm.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again! Your partner NEEDS auditory feedback to be the best lover they can be. Withholding your sounds blocks them from knowing what feels good to you. In addition, you will find that moaning and making sounds will, in the long run, amplify YOUR pleasure too. It may feel weird at first, but I want you to pretend you’re with someone who is sensory impaired, and the only way they know how great they are making you feel is by giving them verbal feedback and moaning sounds. Guys, especially YOU! You ask women to be noisy, but then you stay silent. Show some masculine sexual leadership here — you go first and show her how it’s done.

My Dirty Talk book gives you six different ways to use sound in the bedroom to encourage your lover and turn yourself on simultaneously. These techniques are all sensual, sexy, and not dirty at all. You’ll have some favorites, but all of them are hot, exciting, and EASY with the examples I’ve done for you. Just memorize a couple of phrases and start weaving them in. 

Lovers who amplify their audio turn up the volume to their satisfaction big time!

Dirty Talk ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

7 Stimulating Sex Positions

7 Stimulating Sex Positions

Ah! Sex positions. The most simple of techniques is putting your body into different positions than you usually do—a dash of novelty plumps up the heart and the genitals simultaneously. If you haven’t worked your way through my most beloved Seven Stimulating Sex Positions, now is the time.

I often talk about flowing through a series of positions during a date. I want you to first start with one of these and get it dialed in. Get yourselves in the proper position for your body dynamics. Grab the pillows and prop yourselves comfortably. Throw down the towel with the lube and toys. Make sure you’re comfortable. Then have it as one of them. Remember to use your hands, eyes, voice, and heart from the previous techniques. Afterward, share your Favorite Frames, so you discover what you each liked most about that particular position.

Try all seven in a row over time while practicing the Instantly Hotter and Sexier techniques and integrating them into your muscle memory. Remember, you’re trying to get past your default behaviors and into a new level of skill.

At this point, your sex life should be heating up! You are probably feeling more deepening of intimacy and expanding your turn-on for each other. When you learn new things together, it brings you closer.

7 Stimulating Sex Positions ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

Dominate Him Tonight

Dominate Him

The more reserved partner is typically the woman in a heterosexual couple, though this domination game plan works across the gender spectrum. It’s as good for gay guys and lesbians as gender non-binary and all the flavors of the sexual sparkle rainbow. Our society has subdued the feminine sexual response, but if you’ve been working your way, the woman has gained so much confidence that she’s getting more feisty. We have a range of masculine and feminine inside us all. The more you move from the base at which you started into the opposite side of the polarity, the more confidence you build in your sexuality. Sexual confidence spills over into everyday life confidence. And your sexual creativity fuels your lust for life. Now it’s time to get “switchy.” A “switch” is a person who is as comfortable being in charge and delivering/giving as they are surrendering and receiving. 

Once you’ve worked your way through the seven stimulating sex positions, it’s time to push yourselves into new territory by allowing the feminine to run the bedroom game. In Dominate Him Tonight, I walk her through what a woman does when she wants to give a man exactly what he has always dreamed of having a woman do to him if she only understood a man’s operating system. This is all for him. He may not even have imagined this for himself, but he’s going to love this experience.

Now you’re in your Loverspace, using all of your senses, you’re verbal with feedback, you’ve mastered some favorite new positions, and you’re comfortable taking the lead or following. At this point, you have activated your body, you’re making new neural pleasure connections, and your confidence is soaring. You’re more in love than you’ve ever been. You have a noticeable spring in your step, bright eyes, and a happy outlook on life.

Ready for some new skills to layer on? Our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection is a series of 8 videos with four couples showcasing over 200+ pleasuring techniques. There are many ways to use these videos, and in this next ebook, we show you how to learn these techniques together.

Dominate Him Tonight ⇐ Get Access to the Video and eBook here

5 Steamy Sex Techniques

5 Steamy

First, I will give you the Butterfly Warm-Up technique. This is for women, and it’s a pre-sex warm-up masturbatory experience that will flush your genitals with blood flow, so you have a clitoral erection before you even start with your Soulmate Embrace. If you’re willing to do this in front of your partner, they can learn a lot watching your self-pleasure. If you’re not comfortable, don’t worry. I promise that we are building your confidence, and you will get there.

In addition to the Butterfly Warm-Up, there are 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures, an Orgasmic Breast Massage Master Plan, the Sweet Spot Oral Sex Technique, and Sex Position Stimulators for four more ways to stimulate each other during intercourse:

  • Missionary Ring
  • “V” Fingers
  • Lusty Legs
  • Intimacy Injection

Each one of these five skills builds on all that has come before. Your bedroom skills are now going through the roof. You’re having a renaissance in your relationship. Your friends are begging you to tell them what’s going on with you. You’re getting promotions at work. And people are sending you money. Well, at least that is what it is going to feel like. 🙂

Butterfly Warm-Up Technique ⇐ Get Access here

8 Playful Bedroom Adventures ⇐ Get Access here

Orgasmic Breast Massage Master Plan ⇐ Get Access here

Sweet Spot Oral Sex Technique ⇐ Get Access here

Sex Position Stimulators ⇐ Get Access here

Thrust In Time

Thrust In Time

You’re now doing orgasmic breast massages, lingam, and yoni pleasuring, you’ve learned so many new ways to deliver the pleasure that you never imagined… and you’re having more orgasms in the last few months than you had in the last few years or even in your entire life.

Let’s get to intercourse. Maybe she is easily orgasming from intercourse. Perhaps he’s lasting longer than he ever wanted. But chances are, you want to come, come more, and come harder from penetration and he’d like to have endless stamina. Tada! Here is the Thrust In Time sex technique that gives him massive stamina and guarantees she will have an orgasm from coitus without even touching the tip of her clit.

Thrust In Time is an ancient Taoist practice I’ve upgraded for 21st-century lovers. This will make you amazing fuckers. Well, you are already amazing fuckers, but now you will achieve Olympic-level bonking. This is where you may have to turn up the bedroom music, so the kids don’t think daddy is hurting mommy. 😉

Thrust in Time ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

Multi Orgasmic Lover For Men

Ejaculatory Freedom

Having stamina is one thing, a perfect thing. But when a guy can have multiple full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms and come whenever he (or she) wants him to, that is HOT, HOT, HOT. A guy who can show you how well he is orgasming from being with you — that’s the guy I want to have sex with. Oh wait, I do! Because my guy is multi-orgasmic. And that’s because he learned how. All guys can, and like all 20 kinds of male orgasms, he just needs to know the steps. Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men teaches these steps. It’s a paid program, and you can learn more about it by downloading these four free audios where Jim Benson and I discuss how to become a multi-orgasmic man with unlimited stamina. 

The Ejaculatory Freedom audios ⇐ Get them here

Come Full Circle

Come Full Circle

Last but not least, the piece de resistance. A silly, frothy sex position for the sexual super achievers. When you get to this, it’s Level 11. Come Full Circle is an illustrated graphic novel that shows you have to do a 360° twirl around each other while his penis is in her vagina. I think it will work for gay guys and anyone with a strap. You try it and let me know.

Come Full Circle ⇐ Get the Free Illustrated eBook here

If you’ve gotten through all eleven steps, I want you to call me and tell me your story. If you get stuck, email me. I love feedback. So please, email me your stories about this experience.

Your zest for great sex will put you on top of the world! 

Susan On Top

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