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Partner Will Not Have Sex: Addressing the Silent Killer of Relationships

If your partner doesn’t have sex with you, you have five options, in my opinion (Ladies, this is for guys, but there’s a link at the bottom for women who want to Revive HIS Drive.)

Do you know the warning signs of a crumbling relationship? 

Arguments are fine. They’re normal.

Couples have squabbles every so often. That means they still care enough to give their opinion. 

What you have to watch out for is apathy.

When your lover is no longer interested or doesn’t give a damn about you…

When they would rather go to bed than talk about your issues…

When it’s more silent than hostile…

When your partner’s distant, indifferent, and apathetic — you know for sure there’s a severe problem that’s about to blow.

But don’t wait for that to happen. 

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Don’t wait until worse comes to worst.

I received an email from a reader about how his wife has just given up on him. 

Here’s what he said. 



“Hi, Susan, 

I’ve done all your tips regularly, if not daily, our entire marriage.

It changed nothing.

She’s given up on sex, distant, and indifferent for no apparent reason. She never acts angry. Instead, she says she has no need, and it’s been 4.5 years.

I’ve tried talking to her several times. Each time she gets more adamant that things will not change. I love her but feel that things will never change, nor does she care that it doesn’t.

I already know. Divorce will be her choice; it’s non-negotiable. Is it worth divorcing over this question, though?

For me, staying miserable and divorce are the only options.”

Jasper (not his real name)


Here’s what I said to Jasper.  

Dear Jasper,

Your wife’s adamance sounds pretty severe. I wish you’d contacted me four years ago instead of waiting so long. Now she’s dug in her heels, and it may be impossible for her to be open to having sex again. Sex wasn’t satisfying her; she’d rather never have sex with you again.

Or maybe she would. And what you’ve tried just didn’t work. I will give you your options, but you should TRY my program before giving up. It’s worked miracles for many guys who thought their wives had put the final nail in the coffin of their sex life.

Here is my miracle-working program, Revive Her Drive:

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partner will not have sex

Also, Jasper, the way she says there is NO room to talk about your feelings is just plain unacceptable, unfair behavior, selfish and childish.

If you stand for stonewalling, you give her even more reason to disrespect you.

There are commitments when partners marry. What have you done to explain this to her? 

Well then, go to her and let her know that you only have a couple of options:

  1. Stay miserable in a sexless marriage.
  2. Cheat on her.
  3. Get her approval to have sex with other women.
  4. Go to sex workers.
  5. Divorce her. 

Open your marriage and practice polyamory where you bring in another woman and the three of you “date,” but you and the new woman have sex unless she wants to join you.

If you say that to her, what is your biggest fear?

If she says divorce, so be it. 

At least you’ve both agreed.

However, if you want it to work, you have to open your mind to workable compromises and alternatives. 

When you let her know that you’ve come to a point where you both have to choose between the options above, then she might budge. 

She might realize she still loves you.

And she’ll pitch in and work with you toward healing. 

If not, you know it won’t change. So you both should decide to end it and move on to happier, more fulfilling lives. 

You’re probably just really pissed and feel unloved and rejected right now. 

Tim and I have been in the same place you are. I rejected him for sex, and he was miserable. Revive Her Drive explains how to rekindle your sex life instead of divorcing and starting over.

What if it’s just things you didn’t know? What if what you’ve been doing has been driving her away?

Tim and Susan By Dock

Rise above!

Don’t wait until your relationship comes to a stalemate. 

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Note: Ladies, if your guy is the one who evades you for sex, read this article

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