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“PHEW! I just had the BEST orgasm of my life!”

My orgasms are blossoming into “coregasms.”

Have you heard me call myself an “orgasmanaut?” I like to say I have been to the far reaches of the outer space of our human orgasmic potential. And last night, I had the most intense orgasm of my life. 

It was an intercourse orgasm. Sir Tim and I were making love. The way he was deeply, slowly thrusting sent me into a kind of full-body orgasm the likes of which I’d never experienced. 


What made it the BEST was how intense the orgasm was. It was like a full-body orgasm, but it came from my core —my abdomen. 

Since I’ve been taking FLOW, using the VFit, and doing orgasmic cross-training with the four kinds of female pleasure toys, my orgasms have continued to feel even better. That is on top of the six Orgasm Shots I’ve had for reversing aging atrophy that happens to us. So even though I’m 60, my orgasms feel better than they did when I was thirty. I am better at coming, AND I have used sexual biohacking treatments to reverse genital aging.

So why did I have an EVEN more intense orgasm last night? Because I’ve been working out almost daily with a personal trainer for the previous 12 weeks. My abdominal muscles are more robust than they’ve been in a very long time. I have sexual stamina. I’m able to stay in sex positions longer. I’m stronger. And my orgasms are blossoming into coregasms.

I can leap up the stairs now. I can get up and down off the floor with ease. My movements are fluid and catlike. I feel 20 years younger. I’m embodied. I’m hard-bodied. I’m muscled instead of flabby. My body image has improved. And my orgasmic intensity is at its all-time high, all from three months of getting up in the morning and working out. 

After my second or third O Shot, I realized how much sensation loss I’d had over time. When you lose sensation slowly as you age, you don’t notice it going until you’re struggling to climax. When you get it back within a matter of months from the PRP of O Shots, you can tell how aging robs you of pleasure. 

When you work out diligently for three months and get back to a solid and youthful feeling, you realize how much you’ve aged. It’s never too late to reverse aging. A famous Harvard longevity expert, David Sinclair, says these are the four pillars of health: strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. After getting long-haul COVID, I was frail, shaky, and exhausted. The last 12 weeks of exercise have given me not just my life back, but my sexual pleasure is exploding off the charts!

The combination of sexual biohacking, exercising, and continuing to learn new orgasmic skills is one of the most richly rewarding parts of being alive. I spent the last six months doing almost daily swims in the ocean. Now that it’s winter, I’m excited to get out on the slopes this year and ski again. And, of course, making love by the fire…

I hope your holidays are filled with love and joy.

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