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Sexual Biohacking

Sexual Biohacking

Have you heard the term “biohacking?” 

It is a concept from anti-aging and longevity practices. Through various modalities, you can reverse the clock on aging or extend your healthspan. Your health span is the number of years you live a healthy existence. 

Biohacking techniques include nutrition and exercise plans along with supplementation and pharmacological interventions. The cornerstone of longevity strategies is ketogenic diets full of healthy fats and organic vegetables, intermittent fasting to increase autophagy, and a focus on gut health. Feeding your body well for energy production takes center stage. The mitochondria in your cells are your batteries that produce energy. When you support mitochondrial energy, you live a longer, healthier life.

There’s a holistic focus on the four pillars of balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina for exercise. HIIT high-intensity interval training, heart rate variability, and mindful meditation are essential to body-based biohacking. Saunas help detoxify your body from the chemical-laden world in which we live now. Cold plunges increase your immune response, as do a regimen of supplements as simple as a daily vitamin/mineral complex to Nootropics, which are brain supplements that improve cognitive function.

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Cellular Health Requires Spring Cleaning

Autophagy is how your body rids itself of damaged cells. Fasting encourages this clean-up. Senolytics is the term used to encompass a whole new level of using supplements and pharmaceuticals to promote your body to replace defunct or senescent cells with new ones. Senescent cells contribute to aging and many chronic diseases. Fisetin, Dasatinib, TA-65, Quercetin, and Sirolimus (Rapamycin) are some of the most popular Senolytics. The idea is that you have a relatively fixed amount of cells in your body and as you age and become debilitated, you want to remove and replace them with new cells. 

Sexual Biohacking Explained

Sexual biohacking leverages this same concept of reversing the atrophy of aging genitals and expanding orgasmic capacity. As we age, our hormones and nitric oxide production decline. This loss of nitric oxide leads to loss of blood flow to the genital system. Our body uses nitric oxide as a signaling molecule to shuttle blood from our brains to our hearts to all of our parts, including our pelvic bowl, when we make love. If we don’t have enough nitric oxide production, we struggle to achieve erections and to feel pleasure.

Blood Flow Plays The Starring Role

Our genitals require good blood flow to become engorged. Engorgement is when our erectile tissue fills with blood and expands. This expansion creates erections in the male and female tissue. The more the growth, the larger the structure. The larger the system, the more surface area. The more surface area, the more signals of pleasure to your brain. The more pleasure signals, the more you achieve sexual satisfaction. For men, it’s known that they need blood flow to achieve an erection. However, women have as much erectile tissue in their vulva as men do in their penis. Women are as dependent on blood flow for pleasure. Men also need good blood flow to produce semen and have a strong prostate muscle for ejaculatory force. If a woman doesn’t achieve a clitoral erection, she struggles to complete her climactic capacity. Good blood flow also keeps her vagina lubricated. When low in nitric oxide production, she can feel dehydrated, leading to painful intercourse. Supplementing with a nitric oxide booster made from organic fruit and vegetables is a foundational biohacking strategy for ageless sexuality.

Hormones Are Supporting Characters

Testosterone is the hormone of desire. As it plummets, we have less libido and reduced erectile function. Libido is also dependent on overall health, including mitochondrial energy capacity. The exercise and nutritional aspects of biohacking and the detoxification elements of biohacking all contribute to improved libido. When we lift weights and eat healthy fats, we improve our testosterone production in both sexes. A man’s semen and saliva also confer testosterone to his partner. When a couple kisses and has intercourse, they both get a boost in libido. Great sex is a virtuous cycle. The more you have, the more you want. Sex is also a vascular event, generates oxytocin, the hormone of connection. It improves cognitive function and resets the nervous system. Having sex your whole life long contributes to your healthspan.

As women age and their estrogen declines, they can experience thinning of their skin and vaginal tissue. This can lead to painful intercourse and vaginal laxity. Using a dual estrogen hormone replacement — both estradiol and estriol — can also decrease the ratio of estrone in the system. Estrone is the hormone that causes cancers. There are myriad benefits for keeping estrogen high after menopause, including improved cognition and better sleep. When a woman’s vagina becomes lax and loses blood flow to her pelvic bowl, she can experience a loss of strength in her musculature, which decreases her ability to have orgasmic contractions. Diminished muscle tone also leads to incontinence, which is the #1 reason women have to move from their homes to facilities late in life. Keeping muscle tone in the pelvis is crucial for a happy health span.

Treatments That Restore Tissue Are Crucial

GAINSWave and FemiWave’s acoustic treatments regenerate genital tissue, reverse atrophy and improve orgasmic response. They are the first line of defense in combating sexual aging. Besides hormone replacement and nitric oxide supplementation, these acoustic regenerative technologies reverse the atrophy of genital aging. Combining GAINSWave or FemiWave with PRP injections accelerates tissue, nerve, and vascular regeneration. Adding in vacuum pumping with the GAINSWave and P Shot or FemiWave and the O Shot are the perfect triumvirate to keep your genitals youthful and orgasmically activated. There are vacuum erection devices for men called Penis Pumps and for women called Vulva and Clitoral Pumps. You can pump at home every other day for 8-13 weeks to reverse the atrophy of aging along with your GAINSWave and FemiWave treatments.

At Home Sexual Biohacking Products

There are home devices for sexual regenerative therapy for those who don’t live near a GAINSWave or FemiWave Practitioner. The Phoenix Pro Him and Hers are do-it-yourself devices that approximate shockwave technology and can be self-administered. These handheld devices can restore blood flow and erectile function for both sexes. Combine them with pumping, and it accelerates your sexual regeneration. The VFit Gold from JoyLux is another FDA Class II device for incontinence that uses LLLT low-level laser light therapy, warmth, and vibration intra-vaginally to support vaginal tissue health, muscle tone, and collagen production. Even though the VFit Gold vibrates, it’s not a sex toy. Utilizing a thrusting or pulsating internal sex toy such as the Fun Factory Stronic series or the Lady Bi or Miss Bi can help women keep their sexual pleasure strong. Solo pleasuring using these internal/external vibrators brings blood flow to the vaginal tissue. Self-pleasuring a few times a week is both healthy and anti-aging. Prostate massagers for men also keep the prostate gland and musculature healthy and provide pleasurable blended orgasms.

Bottom Line Biohacking

Intermittent fasting, senolytics, supplements — especially nitric oxide boosters — regular exercise, detoxing, and having great sex all contribute to extending your life span. Sex is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. The great news is that we can reverse genital aging and keep enjoying pleasure both solo and together with our whole life long. The even better news is that as we age, we become better lovers. So keeping your genitals healthy combined with the wisdom and experience of old age are a powerfully pleasurable combination.

Susan Bratton is an intimacy expert to millions and GAINSWave and FemiWave spokesperson. She teaches lovers how to transform having sex into making love. Her free report, Pump Guide, has helped over 30,000 men understand the benefits of GAINSWave and penis pumping. Her free downloadable ebook Vaginal Restoration shows women all their in-home and doctor’s office treatment options for reversing vaginal atrophy, incontinence, and loss of orgasmic sensation.

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