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Come With Me: Susan Bratton’s “20 Different Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge #11 of 15: “6 Steps to Multiple Energy Orgasms.”

When you learn to have G-Spot and P-Spot orgasms, coregasms, Expanded Orgasms, female ejaculation, male-multiple orgasm, orgasm from sex toys and all the 20 ways you can both come and come and come, then they all blend together into one long orgasmic co-creative experience when you make love.

Click here to index all 15 weeks of “Come With Me,” the Orgasm Challenge. Read on to learn how to have Multiple Energy Orgasms.

🏳️‍🌈 The information in this article supports expression across the gender spectrum. There are only two sexes, biologically. XX and XY. This week’s orgasms work for both sexes equally. Remember! Orgasms are learned skills, and there are many ways to achieve all the pleasure available to you.

6 Steps to Multiple Energy Orgasms

Mike and Lana have incredible sex together. He’s 64. She’s 60. They have been dating for seven months and their passion for each other continues to build. Their appreciation for one another keeps expanding as they witness each other’s kindness, integrity and honesty in relating to each other day to day.

Lana spoils Mike with delicious home-cooked food, thoughtful gifts and a lot of verbal appreciation for all the kind things he does to support her, like making coffee on the mornings he spends the night, removing the covers from the outdoor furniture so they can ease into the mornings together outside on the deck, and doing the dishes after her fine meals.

They were immediately attracted to each other when they first met. But as their hearts have opened to each other, they’ve become more intimately connected during sex. They look in each others eyes. They feel relaxed but turned on. There’s no anxiety or worry. They kiss ardently and lovingly. They are very present with each other when they are in bed. And Lana comes up with great ideas for pleasuring which Mike is keen to oblige.

This morning, Lana lured Mike back to bed after breakfast. She got on top of him and dripped avocado oil across her breasts for Mike to rub in. She asked for him to play with her nipples and breasts. Is this too hard, he asked? No, harder, said Lana. My body wants more intensity of stimulation today. He suckled her breasts as she stroked his cock with oil and looked into his eyes. I want harder stroking today too. Yes, that feels so good, baby.

She slid him inside her and rode him cowgirl-style.

BL Cowgirl Sex Position With Triple Stimulation
Cowgirl Sex Position “Headboard Daddy” Style

Mike lifted Lana’s hips up and down on his cock. He played with her breasts. He kissed her. And pretty much the entire time, Lana was orgasming. She had the ability to stay present to the sensations and turn what she was feeling into orgasmic pleasure. She’d come, rest for a beat or two, then go back up into orgasm again — over and over and over and over. It did’t really matter if he was playing with her nipples or squeezing her breasts or fucking her fast or fucking her slowly. Or telling her how beautiful she was to him or nibbling her ear or sucking on her neck… Everything Mike did made Lana come.

When her hip flexors got tired, she flopped down in Mike’s arms and got out her Kurve vibrator. She wanted him to hold her while she enlivened her G-Spot. She had a few more orgasms from alternating vibrating her clitoris and her G-Spot. Mike watched her masturbate in the mirror at the foot of her bed as he told her how sexy it was that she was getting herself off. This made Lana feel very comfortable about using a vibrator during sex with Mike. He was easy breezy about lovemaking, open to all her ideas and very accomodating.

Mike said he loved that Lana just asked for what she wanted in every moment. And he told her he wanted to step up his game of making her more offers more frequently. He was happy she always had ideas of what she wanted in the moment, but he also wanted to contribute more ideas into the consideration set. Mike told Lana it was fine if she picked one of his ideas and then changed her mind right at the last minute. He had no attachment to doing any particular thing when they had sex. He just enjoyed being in the orgasmic flow with her. Lana was great about knowing just what her body wanted next, and next, and next…

Just last night she served him a home made German dinner, some wonderful German beers and wore a Bavarian Bar Maid outfit with a little crinoline petticoat under the drindl skirt. Lana had thigh high white stockings with little white bows on them. After dinner she left on just the ruffly petticoat and the stockings. She asked Mike to put her over his knees and spank her. She wanted him to warm up her ass and give her pussy tiny little light spanks from behind as well.

Then she got into a recliner chair in her living room and lifted up her petticoat and had Mike kneel down in front of her on the floor and go down on her. Each white-stockinged leg was draped over one arm of the chair and her pussy looked so beautiful in the orange light of the room.

Lana orgasmed throughout all of these experiences. The spanking, the vibrator, the chair oral, the cowgirl — she’s a fantastic little comer. And she’s verbal. And loud! Mike has one ear whose hearing isn’t the best anymore. So Lana makes sure Mike hears every orgasm and gives him fantastic auditory feedback. Mike is also getting more and more sexy with is fantasy stories. He will give Lana a pussy rub and tell her how he’s going to fuck her in the ass the next time they have sex. He future paces how good it’s going to feel when he fills her up. And how slowly he is going to go so she doesn’t have to worry about it hurting. Mike talks in a low, sexy voice which drives Lana higher into her desire.

“Do we attribute each orgasm to a specific cause?”

Lana would wear herself out with orgasms over an evening and then another morning lovemaking session. He’d never had a girlfriend who could come pretty much the entire time they were having sex. This begs the question. Every time Lana comes, do we attribute each orgasm to a specific cause? Did she have nipplegasms, assgasms, vibratorgasms, intercourse orgasms? Or is all of this coming considered multiple energy orgasms? Where does a lick of the clit start an oralgasm and where does it become multiple energy orgasms?

If you can feel orgasmic pleasure, what does it matter the catalyst? When you become massively multi-orgasmic, they all merge into one giant orgasmic sex date experience. When your arousal builds and you are coming most of the time you’re having any kind of sex, that is the energy of the orgasmic pleasure you are feeling. When you surrender to your pleasure and can go from one pleasuring moment to the next to the next to the next in an infinite flow of lust and desire that builds and builds until you can’t come anymore… until you just need to refuel, hydrate, and bask in the glow of passionate, heart-connected lovemaking, this is when you enter the realm of multiple energy orgasms.

Multiple Energy Orgasms Are For Every Body

Multiple energy orgasms are not just for women. Penis owners can enjoy the same level of pleasure. Our bodies are more the same than they are different. The way to have these orgasms is to learn to orgasm from many different stimuli, just as I’ve been teaching you in the 15-Week Orgasm Challenge I call, “Come With Me.” When you learn to have G-Spot and P-Spot orgasms, coregasms, Expanded Orgasms, female ejaculation, male-multiple orgasm, orgasm from sex toys and all the 20 ways you can both come and come and come, then they all blend together into one long orgasmic co-creative experience when you make love.

6 Steps To Having Multiple Energy Orgasms

Sexual Energy Play Susan Bratton
Sexual Energy

If you want to be one of those lovers who comes pretty much the whole time you’re having sex, here are the steps:

  1. Learn to be emotionally and physically present, in the moment, in your body, releasing your thoughts and bringing your attention back to the sensations you feel. Hot sex is a mindfulness practice at which you get better over time.
  2. Feel sensations as pleasurable (or request and make adjustments so the sensations do feel pleasurable.) Use my Sexual Soulmate Pact bedroom communication agreement to feel totally comfortable trusting your body’s wisdom and asking for what you need in the moment. Experiencing touch and stimulation as good requires you to want to feel pleasure. It’s as much your job to feel the pleasure as it is your lover’s job to deliver the pleasure. When you can achieve bi-directional, co-creative pleasure with your lover, your feelings expand an order of magnitude.
  3. Use your senses to heighten the feelings of pleasure and mental spread those feelings through your body. Connect your heart to your genitals. Look in your lover’s eyes or masturbate in a mirror. Keep your hands moving on each other’s skin. Learn many touch techniques such as toggling from “Orgasmic Peaking,” and “Touch For Rapture.” Most importantly, BREATHE. Breathe deeply into your genitals. Don’t hold your breath. Relax and open yourself to take in and feel all the pleasure. The ancients used breathwork to achieve ecstatic orgasmic states. The more you breathe, the more you oxygenate and spread the pleasure so you can have multiple energy orgasms.
  4. Go with the flow more. Try a lot of things during a sex date. Flow from one to the next to the next like you’re sampling a box of chocolates. Eradicate routine from your habit. Custom tailor every sexual encounter to the moment, especially your solo pleasuring moments. Keep pursuing sexual skills. There are hundreds and hundreds to learn and get better at over time. Weave magical moments together during sex.
  5. Train your body to have many kinds of orgasms. There are 20 different categories of comes the male and female body can have. Can you master the Come With Me Challenge?
  6. String all your orgasmic ability together into one epic, orgasmic experience where you’re playing off each other in divine bliss.

Sexual Energy Exercises

I created a 10-part video series called, The Future of Sex. Set in outer space, I walk you through solo and coupled energy sex practices. Watch this video series to learn more about how to have multiple energy orgasms.

Sexual Energy Thumbnail
Sexual Energy Video Series

Bookmark this index link to my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all.

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