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Amy’s Story of Sensual Awakening

At 46, Amy is eager to have exquisite intimacy. She’s been hoping for an amazing romance her whole life, and now she has one.

Instead of expecting her new lover to do all the work, she’s preparing herself.

She has started an intentional pleasuring practice to improve her knowledge of sensual intimacy with her partner. 

She’s using our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection to teach her the best ways to be an expert regarding her partner’s desires.  


Amy watches the newly remastered digital Steamy videos on her phone at night after her son is asleep.

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At first, she approached the Steamy videos with hesitation and skepticism. She had never experienced a tool that could help her enhance her sexual skills.

“Bo-oh-boy, was I wrong! I did a complete 180° about-face after watching just the first of eight Steamy videos,” said Amy.

She loved seeing what warm, heart-connected, intimate pleasure looked like, how the couples were beautiful, generous, and receptive to their partners. She liked how they paced themselves, keeping in mind their partner’s experience, rather than just plowing forward intent on “doing a technique.”

These videos aren’t “dirty and messy.” They are soft, intimate, exquisite, and loving. Perfect for couples in love and those who want to reignite the passion in their relationship. 

You could feel the incremental increase in energy in their body as they try different techniques. Steamy is not a pedantic, sanitary demonstration. It has a real FEELING. There is actual eye contact between the couples.

For the first time, I saw what pleasure looked like. I was missing a video that wasn’t a textbook or just words, a gently-paced video that guided you through and allowed you to explore with its characters.

Steamy scratched two itches:

✓ It lets me explore new skills and techniques, so I don’t feel like I’m all thumbs.

✓ It made me feel like a voyeur but in a safe place. Not naughty. Steamy offers harmless arousing voyeurism, which helps me to relax to expand my pleasure potential.

I used to worry that if I tried a new technique, it would be so stupid, my partner would wonder I was doing down there.

We hold ourselves back. We don’t let our imagination explore sensual thoughts.

Steamy gives you the platform to make it feel open and safe to try new things.

With over 200 advanced, heart-connecting lovemaking techniques, our digitally remastered Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection will improve your pleasure. DVD purchasers also get the Female Self Pleasuring digital bonus with their order.

And of course, we have payment plans, and we will give all of our past customers the digitally remastered version for free. You always get free digital updates every time we refresh our programs.

If you want new DVDs shipped, we will be reaching out to customers with that process too.

Whether you’re in a relationship or solo, NOW is the time to get the remastered Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection in DVD, digital, or both.

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