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Come With Me: Susan Bratton’s “20 Different Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge #9 of 15: “Expanded Orgasms and Edging Orgasms.”

Click here for the index of all 15 weeks of “Come With Me,” the Orgasm Challenge. Read on to learn how to use Edging to improve your Expanded Orgasm practice and what Expanded Orgasms are.

🏳️‍🌈 The information in this article supports expression across the gender spectrum. There are only two sexes, biologically. XX and XY. This week’s orgasms work for both sexes equally. Remember! Orgasms are learned skills, and there are many ways to achieve all the pleasure that is available to you.

What is an Expanded Orgasm Practice?

There are three types of orgasms: Locations, techniques and objects. Expanded Orgasms and Edging Orgasms are both technique-based orgasmic experience. Expanded Orgasm is is a couples practice. It requires a giver and receiver. Edging can be both a solo-pleasuring practice or received by a partner. Edging is most often practiced by men and Expanded Orgasm is most often practiced by couples on a woman. However, as you are learning from this Come With Me: 20 Kinds of Orgasms Challenge, both male and female bodies have the capacity to have more than 20 kinds of orgasms.

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To learn more about Expanded Orgasm, I’m giving you, “What Is An Expanded Orgasm?,” “Orgasmic Peaking,” and “Touching For Rapture.”

Orgasmic Peaking is a technique known only by the most masterful lovers in the world. Peaking teaches you something called, intentional downstrokes. To achieve the level of orgasmic bliss that Expanded Orgasm stroking provides, it incorporates these peaks or downstrokes. The peaks encourage a woman’s body to “reach” for more pleasure, which heightens the sensation and makes her continued orgasms more and more intensely excellent feeling.

Touching For Rapture is a simple touch technique that makes all the touches you give feel even better.

Edging Vs. Expanded Orgasm Explained

Expanded Orgasm is a stroking technique done to the clitoris or penis that results in mind-blowing orgasms. Edging is taking yourself up to the precipice of climax but not going over. The concept of Edging is that the longer you stay at the edge of climax ⸺but you don’t climax⸺when you finally do it feels even more powerful.

Edging is a concept we teach as part of our ME Breath stamina technique. The ME Breath is a body-based stamina technique that can be learned during masturbation and used during intercourse and receiving oral by a man who doesn’t want to come too fast. To learn more about the ME Breath, watch this video: The Stallion’s Secret. When you practice Edging, you take yourself up to, but not over, what is called the “Point of No Return” (PONR) where you can’t hold back your orgasm. It’s done on a ten scale. You practice masturbating yourself close to but not all the way to orgasm. Over time, you teach yourself to be able to get up to a 10 and not ejaculate. This is the first step in the ME Breath which ultimately allows a man to last as long as his lover wants him to because he knows how to get close to and back off from the PONR.

Women also use Edging to have more explosive orgasms. However, I personally feel Edging isn’t that helpful a tool for women, since we are the ones who struggle to come where our guys are the ones who struggle not to come too fast. Edging is just delaying the inevitable for women. I’d rather see women expanding their orgasms. What I mean by that is, expanded the moment of climax. And then stacking those climaxes so that they get even better. And though a woman can’t really give herself Expanded Orgasms in the way a partner can deliver the sensation for her, she can use a vibrator to start coming and then keep coming longer and longer until she’s basically coming almost the entire time she’s masturbating. All this takes is practice.

Edging Orgasms end where Expanded Orgasms begin. Edging is one of many paths to learn how to have Expanded Orgasms. Expanded Orgasms are orgasms that last a really long time and stack over time to become even more intensely pleasurable. They last longer than “regular” climactic orgasms. And Expanded Orgasms feel even better than regular orgasms or even multiple orgasms.

The 5 Strokes of Expanded Orgasm

Expanded Orgasms can be given to a penis or a vulva. The couples practice that we teach at is for a female receiving Expanded Orgasms through a five-step clitoral stroking technique. Many couples around the world regularly have Expanded Orgasm dates. They are one of the best sexual techniques a monogamous couple can have as part of their ongoing sexual repertoire to keep their sex lives getting better (instead of boring) over time.

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice is the single most important orgasm skill a heterosexual couple can learn. It will help a woman become multi-orgasmic. It will help her come longer and more intensely. And the attention on her pleasure, without the expectation that she reciprocates, allows her to get filled up with orgasmic pleasure in a way that cannot be accomplished through any other means. I’ve been teaching Expanded Orgasm to couples since 2006 with my mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor. Let me explain what Expanded Orgasm is and then how it works.

Avoiding Clitoral Fatigue Is Key To More Pleasure

Expanded Orgasms is a clitoral stroking technique that trains the clitoris to feel the most delicate touch. The clitoral structure can become massively orgasmic when the neural signals are trained by this practice. Women lie there receiving the strokes and coming almost the entire time. She climbs peak after peak that stretches out to have her coming longer and harder, then longer and harder and on and on and on during the entire stroking experience.

The large majority of women in the world do not orgasm as easily, nor as well nor as confidently as they would like. When a woman starts coming from this Expanded Orgasm clitoral stroking experience, her improved orgasmic ability positively effects her ability to come from oral, intercourse, kissing and other types of orgasms including G-Spot and female ejaculation as well as anal. She just becomes way more orgasmic⸺easier to come, more orgasms, longer orgasms, more exquisitely blissful and sexy.

This practice has many “flavors.” There are many disciples of the original creators of this stroking technique who carry on the lineage. The progenitors were a couple in northern California named Susie and Victor Barranco. They had a sex cult/community/university to experiment with this practice in group settings. They called it, “DOing. D stands for Deliberate. O stands for Orgasm. It’s a Deliberate Orgasm practice. The time you set aside to lie down and have an Expanded Orgasm experience is called a DO Date.

Our Two Decades of Expanded Orgasm Practice

Expanded Orgasm Practice
Two Decades of Orgasmic Connection

I’ve had an Expanded Orgasm practice with my husband since 2004. Here is a video interview of Tim and I explaining how we have our DO Dates. For 17 years I’ve been asking him for DO Dates on a weekly or twice weekly basis. At this point. all of our sex dates start with a “pussy rub” that includes this clitoral stroking technique. The engorgement and base of orgasmic pleasure that is laid in with a manual orgasm massage sets the foundation for the rest of our lovemaking to be excellent.

The woman who wrote our Expand Her Orgasm Tonight online program is Dr. Patricia Taylor. She is the author of the book, Expanded Orgasm. And she was trained, along with her husband, at More University. Morehouse, as it’s often called, is the pace where the Barrancos invented and taught this practice. Their disciples have gone on to teach the fundamentals of this practice in their own way. Organizations and practitioners such as The Welcomed Consensus, OneTaste, The Davon Method, as well as Steve and Vera Bodansky’s Extended Massive Orgasm teachings and even the Venus Butterfly Method are all variations on the standard DOing practice from Morehouse.

Follow The Form Like A Martial Art or Yogic Practice

It’s important to understand that a practice such as Expanded Orgasm is a specific 5-stroke orgasm technique. It’s not just a pussy massage or playing with the clit. It’s a form. Like martial arts or yoga or any “practice,” there is a step-by-step way to learn it before you start innovating on your own. The practice works. Women become much more easily orgasmic, feel more orgasmic intensity, and come for longer and longer periods of time without fatigue. Clitoral fatigue where women have one orgasm and don’t want any more occurs because her clitoris is driven too hard. The soft stroke of the Expanded Orgasm practice calls her body to feel more pleasure with less pressure.

“Let Your Goal Be Pleasure, Not Performance.”

⸺ Dr. Patricia Taylor, Author Expanded Orgasm, Creator Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and The Seduction Trilogy.

Regular vs. Multiple vs. Extended vs. Expanded Orgasms

Here are visuals to help you understand how an Expanded Orgasm differs from a typical climax, multiple orgasms, and extended orgasms.

Regular Orgasm Chart

EHOT Regular
Regular Orgasm

A Regular Orgasm follows the Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response from 1966. Are you working under a fifty year old concept for your orgasms? Most people are. We think about orgasm as Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution, but there is so much more pleasure to be had when you learn Expanded Orgasm.

Multiple Orgasms Chart

EHOT Multiple
Multiple Orgasms

Though many women are multi-orgasmic, most men are not yet. Men can be as multi-orgasmic as women if they understand that orgasm and ejaculation are separate systems in the body. Men can learn to have energy orgasms without ejaculating. Then they can have multiple energy orgasms. Our program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men teaches both the ME Breath which let’s a man accelerate or decelerate his ejaculatory urge so that he can begin to orgasm without ejaculating. You can learn more about the ME Breath and male multiple orgasm at the Tuning Fork Tip.

Women who are multi-orgasmic have figured out how to ramp their orgasmic energy and stay with orgasmic sensation so they can have repeated orgasms. The lighter the touch, the longer she can orgasm. Heavy touch or strong vibration overwhelms the clitoral receptors, making it harder for a woman to be multi-orgasmic. The Expanded Orgasm 5-stroke fingering technique teaches a woman’s body to be able to ride the sensation so she can not only have repeated orgasms, the timeframe during which she is in climax lasts longer and longer with practice.

Extended Orgasm Chart

Extended Orgasm

An Extended Orgasm is this practice of lengthening the moment of climax. I explain that it’s like stretching time like taffy. You get into and stay in the climactic moment for seconds and even minutes. The clitoral stroke in Expanded Orgasm called, The Bread and Butter Stroke, which makes up the bulk of the experience is the stroke that lets her stretch the climax so she’s coming for a longer and longer time.

Expanded Orgasm Chart

EHOT Expanded Orgasm
Expanded Orgasm

The Expanded Orgasm leverages the multiple orgasm skills with the stretching of time. Then you stack these long climaxes and they become ever more intensely pleasurable. It’s the Expanded Orgasm 5-stroke practice that allows practitioners to come for a hour or more. The level of pleasure, connection and engorgement that comes from having an Expanded Orgasm practice flows over into the rest of your sex life. You come better giving and receiving oral and from intercourse. The practice binds you closer together as lovers. It makes you better at co-creating pleasure. And the giver loves it because the receiver has surrendered her nervous system to them, making them feel like sexual superheroes. When a lover is lying there, writhing and coming under your fingertips, it’s a feeling of power that is unparalleled.

Lovership Skills

Our online video program not only shows you exactly how to stroke, we give you 21 Master Practices that build on facets of the skillset required to have a practice that keeps getting better for decades. These Master Practices can be done in any order over 21 sex dates. We like to call sex dates where you learn something new together, “Erotic Playdates.” When couples learn new skills together, it keeps the new relationship energy high. You can do one Erotic Playdate a night for three weeks or take as long as you want to experience them all. Couples who are bored with their monogamous sex often just need fun ideas like these to rekindle their desire for each other. Here are the names of the experiences:

Sharing Favorite Frames
The Centering Breath (The Grounding Cycle)
The Centering Breath (Short Form)
Entraining Your Being with Your Heart
Red Dot Exercise
Responsible Grounding after the Date
Touching with Feedback
Asking for Changes
Questions to Consider and Discuss
Genital Grounding (grounding at the end of the date)
The Clock Method Process
Breathing Together
Play Stop/Start
Touch for Rapture
The Spreading Breath
The Three Opening Strokes
Touching from Center to Center (Touching All of You with All of Me) Basic Kinds of Touches
Basic strokes
Feel Your Thinking/Think Your Feelings
Alternative Do Positions and Special Situations

When you schedule Erotic Playdates, you have something for to look forward to. This increases your desire for each other and makes sex better.

Expanded Orgasm is Great for Newbies and Old Farts Alike

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice your whole life long enriches your sex life immeasurably. You can teach it to new partners over time. And it’s great for women whose vaginas are sensitive with age. Expanded Orgasm is also an excellent couples practice for those with partners who have irreversible erectile dysfunction. It’s also a great experience for couples where there are weight issues, joint issues or other pain issues that make most sex positions difficult. Expanded Orgasms are excellent for people recovering from health issues and for those who are anxious or depressed.

Offering an Expanded Orgasm DO Date to your partner, when you don’t expect anything in return, will actually increase the overall amount of lovemaking you have. Because DO Dates are a small offer of pleasure, it’s easier tosay yes to them than a full offer for intercourse.

Expanded Orgasm dates are also excellent for people who have had sexual trauma. The giving nature of the experience, where all your collective intention is on her pleasure can be a very healing experience.

This Is How We Set Up For A DO Date

Here is how we set up for our DO Dates.

Expanded Orgasm Set Up
DO Date Set Up

The round pillow in the back is a Zafu meditation pillow filled with buckwheat hulls. It holds Tim up above me so he can get his hands into the DOing position.

I lie down perpendicular to him with my head on the peach pillow and my legs butterflied open and supported by pillows under my legs.

We use a Liberator waterproof bed covering under us in case oil spills or I ejaculate. We have two of these we love them so much.

I keep a small blanket near me to cover up my chest and shoulders if it’s cool.

I Wish You Would Practice Expanded Orgasm

I wish everyone had an Expanded Orgasm practice. It’s one of the most healing, nurturing, connected and orgasmic experiences known to human kind. Our program comes with videos, exercises, ebooks and audiobooks you can use to deepen your practice.

Having an Expanded Orgasm practice with my husband for going on 20 years has been the single most impactful sexual experience of our lives. It’s something that gets better with age, can be done your whole life long and keeps you overflowing with orgasms and love. I attribute much of my vaginal vitality to our regular DO Dates.

Give Expand Her Orgasm Tonight a try if you’re lucky enough to be coupled. I reply to every email personally with questions about the practice.

Sending you expanded orgasmic pleasure!

Expanded Orgasm DO Date Suz
Let Me Know If You Start An Expanded Orgasm Practice!

Bookmark this index link to my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all.

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