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Female Orgasm Challenge: Susan Bratton’s ’20 Different Kinds of Orgasms’ – Round 8

Click here for the index of all 15 weeks of “Come With Me,” the Orgasm Challenge. Read on to learn how to orgasm simultaneously.

🏳️‍🌈 The information in this article supports expression across the gender spectrum. Biologically, there are only two sexes, XX and XY. Read the section that supports your physical equipment: penis/prostate or clitoris/urethral sponge.

Breast and Nipplegasms

All nipples are capable of generating orgasms. Both men and women can have the same exquisite levels of pleasure from nipple stimulation. Having these orgasms is simply a matter of two requirements: mental and physical. First, overcoming negative programming about nipplegasms. All of these are stories we tell ourselves that are not true.

Men don’t have sensitive nipples. Only women like their nipples touched. My nipples are ugly/inverted/have no sensation. My breasts are just for lactation.”

Limiting Beliefs We Tell Ourselves That Hold Us Back From Pleasure

The second reason a person isn’t having incredible orgasms from nipple stimulation is physical. It’s a lack of proper stimulation. The nipples are exquisitely sensitive. Stimulating them to make you orgasm can be done with the lightest touch of fingers to nipple. And though many people like rough nipple stimulation, nipple clamps and biting, the nipples can be trained to feel very light stimulation that is just as orgasmic. Kissing while having your nipples stimulated, or using a sex toy on your genitals while receiving nipple stimulation can increase your pleasure. Girl on top sex position with her breasts dangling down onto her lover’s mouth to be worshipped is another divine pleasure. The lips, nipples and penis/vulva synergistically enhance pleasure when combined.

Frequent stimulation grows new neural pathways that send pleasure signals to the brain. You can make your nipples and breasts more sensitive simply by stimulating them as often as possible.

Champagne Boobs

One of my favorite breast pleasuring stories is “Champagne Boobs.” Anjali had a boyfriend who would take a sip of champagne in his mouth and then suckle her nipple at the same time. She could feel the bubbles tickling her nipples. She loved the luxury of the idea. Champagne! She loved how clever it was to combine the bubbles and nipples. It was a fun occasion and one she never forgot.

Breast Massage Master Plan

Incorporating breast tissue into breast and nipplegasm play increases the pleasure too. Breast tissue is very erogenous. It loves to be massaged, kneaded, jiggled, and squeezed. But there are two important aspects to massaging breasts that you should know:

✅ The Four Kinds of Touch
✅ The Fives Steps to an Orgasmic Breast Massage

Too often breasts are just grabbed and not made love to. They are not touched in a systematic way that heightens arousal. You can get my Breast Massage Master Plan video here for free. It comes with a 5 Steamy Sex Techniques ebook that recaps the breast massage and gives you four more passionate lovemaking techniques.

If you want to have Breastgasms, this is the best place to start learning the fundamentals and some advanced skills including:

1. The Butterfly Warm Up
2. The “Sweet Spot” Oral Sex Position
3. 4 Sex Position Stimulators
4. 8 Playful Bedroom Adventures
5. Orgasmic Breast Massage Master Plan

PLM DayGlo SteamySexTechniquesCover 500

Blended Clitoral and Breastgasm

One of my favorite kinds of orgasms to have, especially after my partner has ejaculated and is finished or as foreplay is receiving breast and nipple stimulation while I’m giving myself orgasms with a vibrator. My current favorite “tip of the clit” vibe is the

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. This little bullet has STRONG vibrations in a tiny little package. It’s quiet. And it has 8 speeds. The angled tip is hard and feels incredible targeted at the clitoral shaft and at the very tip of the clitoral glans. The combination of the nipplegasms with the clitoral orgasms is a fantastic combination for a grande finale orgasmic climax after a nice session of lovemaking.

Tango X Bullet vibrator We Vibe com
Tango X Bullet Vibe Recommended


The rectus abdominus is the muscle group that makes the “six pack abs.” But even if yours aren’t a six pack, you still have this muscle in your belly. I like to call it the “erectus abdominus” for fun. 😉

Belly massages are relaxing, which creates the foundation for arousal. Belly massages are excellent foreplay. And they can lead to early body orgasms during a lovemaking date. Sometimes these orgasms are called, Coregasms. They are a great lead up to a pussy massage. Start at the belly and work your way down to the vulva or penis.

shutterstock 2025502184

Gently squeeze the rectus abdominus between your thumb and fingers, sending sexual energy through the muscles between the fingers. Squeeze up and down all along the muscle from belly button to her mons or above his penis. Use verbal feedback to estimate the pressure your lover wants from your squeezes. Alternate squeezing the rectus abdominus with stroking and kneading her mons or the fleshy area around the shaft of his penis.

If she wants to ejaculate, these bellygasms and the mons massage will encourage the fluid to run into her Skene’s glands and increase the amount of Amrita (female ejaculate) she expresses. Bellygasms make it easier for her to squirt.

Since the blood plasma in her pelvic bowl also lubricates her vagina, she may get extra wet from the bellygasms.

I am not sure if bellygasms will help a man recruit more of a semen load. If you trial this and have that experience, please comment below. We all learn from each other.


Footgasms are orgasmic foot rubs. It is said that the location in the brain that registers clitoral pleasure is next to the location that registers foot sensation. Generally, women are more desirous of foot massages than men. But there are some men who also get off on having their feet caressed to orgasm. Because women wear high heels, foot love is especially appreciated. Generally, foot rubs are an excellent pre-foreplay technique. But foot rubs can also be truly orgasmic.

Though everyone likes different kinds of foot stimulation, a couple of techniques I recommend for giving footgasms are:

  1. Start with light touch that slowly becomes more strong and secure.
  2. Run your fingers between the toes and palpate the soft webbed areas between the toes on the foot.
  3. Jerk your lover’s foot like you’d masturbate a penis — long strokes with a flicking wrist action. Think of the foot as a penis with the toes as the place where the ejaculate will come out. Use a lot of warm oil and put a towel down and do long, masturbatory strokes to the foot.
  4. Use dirty talk to encourage your lover to surrender to the pleasure.
  5. Licking and sucking the toes and feet can also be extremely erogenous.
shutterstock 131393606

Bookmark this index link to my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all.

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