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Delayed Ejaculation, Sensation Loss, Prostate Issues (Mailbag)

I’m getting inundated with friends who are calling to ask me to help them get

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I can tell that sexual biohacking is finally gaining momentum, though I’ve been recommending it for years now. 

I’m giving you a massive male health and sexual performance resource today. 

A fan reached out about delayed ejaculation (getting harder to achieve climax), and he has burgeoning prostate issues.

After helping guys with these concerns for over a decade, I know the very best solutions science and experience can offer. 

Check out his email and my response below. 

Make sure to take notes or save this email to your favorites. 

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I appreciate the info you continually put forward in the emails I have been receiving.

As I start to have more challenges achieving an orgasm, I need more visual/aural stimulation. My wife likes to have quiet when we have sex. She doesn’t want to talk while she is getting ready for an orgasm. I would appreciate some suggestions.

I also have learned how beneficial orgasm is for the health of the prostate. Mine is slightly enlarged, and I want to get a handle on that. Masturbation would be good then, right? I had a prior porn addiction and didn’t want to go back, so any help here is much appreciated. Thank you!” — Arnold (not his real name) 



Dearest Arnold, 

Difficulty achieving orgasm is also called delayed ejaculation. I get a lot of questions from guys about DE. Many ask me if the Chi Breath technique with Jim Benson’s Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program will fix this issue.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover teaches men a stamina technique using breath, pelvic muscles, and a relaxation technique to slow down arousal. Men using this technique, called the ME Breath, can go on to become multi-orgasmic men. Male multiple orgasms separate ejaculation from orgasm so guys can have full-body orgasms without ejaculating. 

Because of your DE, you might also benefit from learning how to have these body orgasms. 

Further, the Multi-Orgasmic Lover ME Breath also teaches the Chi Breath or Energy Breath for those men who need MORE sexual arousal energy.

These techniques might help you mainly because, as you explain below, your wife needs quietude to orgasm while you’re feeling the need for more arousal.

I think the ME and Chi Breath techniques are pieces of the puzzle that can help you BOTH come more easily. 

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The most important thing is NOT to wear out your welcome in your wife’s vagina. If you are banging away trying to come, she’s will likely get dry and frustrated and stop wanting to have sex at all.

So let’s figure this out!

You’ll have to self-diagnose a bit from this list of physical and emotional contributors. It could be as simple as sensation loss due to low testosterone and atrophy from aging.

Or it could be a host of interrelated contributors. 

Delayed ejaculation can arise from prostate issues, urinary tract infections, an addiction to masturbating to porn, a neurotransmitter imbalance in the dopamine and serotonin pathways*, neuropathy from diabetes, numerous medications including blood pressure, depression, anti-anxiety, and a host of other drugs such as alpha methyldopa, diuretics, tricyclic antidepressants, SSRIs, and phenothiazines as well as alcohol abuse, and especially from pain medications.

Other contributing factors could include sleep medications, emotional trauma, relationship issues, confusion between erections that come from PDE-5 inhibitors rather than emotional arousal, and good old loss of sensitivity due to tissue atrophy from aging.

Many men also report difficulties with ejaculation (both premature and delayed) from back pain, pelvic muscle issues, tight psoas muscles, and other musculoskeletal problems. 

Hypothyroidism and low testosterone are also reported to contribute to delayed ejaculation. Add to that the stress of worrying about climaxing, and it builds on itself. The most common kind of DE is a man who can’t climax with his partner but can during masturbation.

This also begs the question, is it the actual ejaculatory function impaired, the sensation of orgasmic pleasure that is damaged, or both? Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate systems, even though they most often occur concurrently.

Sexual shame from religious or societal sexual repression or fear of conceiving a child can make it difficult for a man to achieve ejaculatory orgasms.

Here is my most recent article on increasing the sensitivity of your penis so you can climax more easily

You mention that you also have a slightly enlarged prostate. I keep Dr. Judson Brandeis’ SPUNK supplements in stock in my warehouse. If you have BPH or urinary issues, check it out.

SPUNK ⇐ For Prostate BPH  and Urinary Issues 

I also recommend a masturbation practice called “Riding The Wave.” You might also have an easier time orgasming if you stimulate your prostate as foreplay or during sex for a P-Spot or blended orgasm. 

Click Here To Watch My Videos ⇐ Prostate Health Videos 

how to make him want you in bed more

Suppose your issue is not due to any medications or chronic health issues and maybe primarily age-related from a combination of atrophy and low testosterone. In that case, you may want to try these ideas:

1) Get your testosterone levels checked

2) Consider getting a series of GAINSWave treatments with a PRP shot

3) Using a vacuum erection device

The GAINSWave, PRP, penis pump trio work in concert to regenerate new nerves, blood supply, and penis tissue. The new tissue will provide more sensation to help you achieve climax.


Here’s A Video All About This ⇐ Producing More Testosterone Naturally 

Here is our Testosterone Supplement Made By Dr. Brandeis

Here’s Another Set Of Videos You’ll Find Handy ⇐ The BEST Hormone Test To Get 


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I’d suggest you immediately start using a penis pump at a vacuum pressure -2 to -4 every other day for 13 weeks, as outlined in my Pump Guide. Use only the pump brand I recommend, as pretty much everything else out there is Chinese JUNK. 

Then get your T checked, find a GAINSWave and P Shot provider, and begin treatments. If there is no GAINSWave provider in your area, get the Phoenix Pro to restore the nerve tissue in your penis.

All that being said, some men have excellent testosterone levels, take no pharmaceuticals, have had GAINSWave, P Shots, and used a pump with incredible compliance, and are still suffering from delayed ejaculation.

That’s where I’d start looking at neurotransmitters as my following line of consideration. I think guys get BORED with the same old sex with their same old wives. 

Sometimes just switching up where you make love and how you make love can go a long way toward bringing more excitement into your sex life.

But from your email, I have the feeling your wife is not adventurous at this point. So for that, I’d turn to a recommendation of our program called Seduction Trilogy.

In this program, you get three ebooks and three audiobooks that Sloane Fox reads to you. These books teach you how to get your wife to be excited about sex and teach her to love doing new things in the bedroom.

Powerful Seduction Tip Here⇐ The Raindrop Seduction Method 

Here’s one more idea in addition to the immediate penis pumping routine and a GAINSWave/PRP appointment.


I’ve found this works well for many men. Have your wife “beg you to come inside her.” 

Come inside me, baby. Please. I love you. I love when you ejaculate in me. You’re so hot and sexy to me. Come for me, baby.

Sometimes all a guy needs is encouragement.

Now, your wife likes it quiet when she comes. 

OK. She’s likely struggling to orgasm, and the auditory noise disrupts her. There are three kinds of people sexually: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. She’s obviously either visual or kinesthetic. You might be auditory. You want to hear her moan, dirty talk, be encouraged to come, share verbal fantasies… while that all take her out of her arousal.

You can work around this by finding out what turns her on. She might be kinesthetic. That’s what I am. I love whispers of encouragement, but bright lights or visuals distract me. I like my eyes closed when I’m in the come zone. 

Listen to this beautiful audio with my dear mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor, creator of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. Having an Expanded Orgasm practice would be a GOOD experience for you and your wife to get her to be more easily orgasmic and more comfortable with her orgasmic ability.

This audio is with Dr. Patt and her partner Daka Raj. They explain the Open Mind states of auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. Then you discover how to speak to your wife in the way that turns her on, and she can learn your “sex language.”

This will help her become comfortable begging you to come.

Sexy Talk: “Love Lines: The Open Mind System” Free Audio Interview ⇐ Listen Now

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Everlasting stamina. Multiple male orgasms. Trigger her vaginal orgasms during intercourse—the Trifecta of male sexual power. 

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