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Extended vs. Expanded Orgasms: Unraveling the Differences (Part 2 of 3)

Read on to learn more about extended vs expanded orgasms.

This is part 2 of the 3 part series on Masturbation and Orgasms. If you missed the first one or want to reread it, here’s the link:

Extended Orgasms 

I’m getting dressed up for a costume party as an Orgasmanaut. (pictures coming!) What I love to do is help people experience and master the 20 kinds of orgasms our bodies are capable of having. 

Today I want to explain the different between extended and expanded orgasms for you.

In Extended Orgasm, when a person reaches the peak of the experience, they stay there, having a prolonged orgasmic climax. Her moment of climax stretches out time like pulled taffy. Men can do this too with edging transformed into male full-body multiple orgasms (we teach this in the ME Breath).

Think of an Extended Orgasm as an orgasm in which a person stays in the over-the-edge moment of climax state for longer than 8-10 seconds.  There may be some fluctuation in intensity and sensation. An Extended Orgasm can last for 20 seconds, a minute, or even several minutes.

Now let’s look at a diagram of Extended Orgasm.

Extended Orgasm

It’s a little challenging to do Extended Orgasm justice with a diagram. Imagine that plateau wavering, maybe climbing to a new plateau before going “over the edge.” Tantric masturbation is this notion of extending the moment of orgasm and stretching it out, so you come longer. Tantric masturbation can be confused with “edging.” Edging is when you go right up to the moment of orgasm but don’t climax — you ride the feeling of being just before the point of no return (PONR).

People think that edging is Tantric because they simply don’t understand human orgasmic potential. They are still in the Masters and Johnson paradigm of refractory periods and cliffs of climax. 

When you understand that all humans can feel orgasms without ejaculating, and you can extend the time of the climax and stack these extended orgasms — then you will know that we can all be in the Expanded Orgasm state. Let me explain what an Expanded Orgasm is.

An Expanded Orgasm will often include one (or more) of the above types of orgasms, but it has profound and delicious characteristics that go far beyond.

First, the primary dimension is time in these non-expanded orgasms I just described.

An Expanded Orgasm experience happens in both time and space. In Expanded Orgasm, you channel the pleasure in your genitals into your entire body, your mind, your emotional dimension, and your expanding awareness.

These mounting feelings of bliss spill out into your partner, into the space around you, and your very spirit.

Expanded Orgasms 

In Expanded Orgasm, you have the sense of a cup filling up. Simultaneously, the cup grows to the size of a coliseum with energy currents running from head to toe. It’s as if your very body has expanded enormously and is filled to spill over with profound erotic pleasure.

Here is a diagram of Expanded Orgasm:

extended vs expanded orgasms


The climbing thick wavy line conveys how arousal keeps getting higher—much higher than a Regular Orgasm. Many plateaus are followed by more climbing. But as I said, Expanded Orgasm occurs not only in time but also in space! The dotted wavy lines illustrate the Expanded Orgasm experience of expanding in space. In an Expanded Orgasm, you have a sense of filling your body with great pleasure and making a larger body to fill.

Tantric masturbation, therefore, is the ability to self-pleasure and expand orgasmic ecstasy. Stacking ever-expanding pleasure with the light touch of Expanded Orgasm stroking also avoids the clitoral (vulva) and glans (penis) fatigue that shortens the sessions for most people.

There are five manual strokes to an Expanded Orgasm practice. The EO practice is designed for manual stimulation. However, once a person has been trained to experience Expanded Orgasms, vibrators can also be used to ride these waves of ecstatic pleasure. 

Adding in G-Spot (urethral sponge) pleasure in female bodies and P-Spot (prostate muscle/gland) of male bodies along with this Expanded Orgasm technique creates another dimension of pleasure to ride.

So the question now is, what are the benefits of tantric masturbation? 

Tantric masturbation is available to everyone and costs nothing. It helps men become multi-orgasmic and have energy orgasms. It also helps them last longer and has more stamina while receiving oral pleasure, having penetrative intercourse, or enjoying anal sex with partners. Tantric masturbation helps women become massively multi-orgasmic and allows them to cross the ‘gasm chasm — bridge the “orgasm gap.” The orgasm gap describes how much easier it is for men to orgasm from intercourse than for women. The more a woman practices Expanded Orgasm and Tantric masturbation, the more she can orgasm from all other sexual practices.

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Tantric masturbation brings pleasure which releases neurotransmitters and hormones that make you feel good. Orgasms are a circulatory event good for heart health and blood flow, which oxygenates the body, improving health and healing. In addition, orgasms improve pelvic muscle tone, which helps women avoid incontinence.

Multi-orgasmic men can last longer without ejaculating. When they have an ejaculatory choice (they ejaculate when they want or when their partner wants them to), they can show their arousal instead of suppressing it to avoid ejaculating. When a multi-orgasmic man expresses his arousal to his partner, his partner’s turn-on increases. This is the Tuning Fork Technique. When he’s resonating arousal, his partner vibrates with that energy too.

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Tantric masturbation helps improve overall orgasmic response, so you come better. When you come well, you lower sexual performance anxiety. Tantric masturbation improves sexual self-confidence and body love. When you witness the majesty of the orgasmic bliss your body is capable of, you are more appreciative of your body, creating a happier, more satisfying human experience.

Tantric masturbation can also help you connect with the source, Gaia, and the life force. Much of Tantra’s teachings are reverential and connect to whatever God means to you.

So, how is tantric masturbation practiced?

Practicing Tantric masturbation requires simply understanding what you’re going for (Expanded Orgasm) with the willingness to pleasure oneself slowly. 

Now, how can someone who has never practiced tantric masturbation get started?

Lie down with some organic oil and begin touching your genital area. Bring yourself into orgasm without making yourself climax. Work on building your arousal slowly and delivering the pressure and sensation you need to expand pleasure exponentially. Often, fantasy will add to your arousal levels. Practice taking yourself up the arousal ladder on a scale of 1-10, where ten is your climax or ejaculate. Get to know your point of no return and back off before you climax. Hold yourself at the moment of climax and stay in that sensation without ejaculating if you’re a penis owner. Bring the pleasure up into your body. Connect the joy in your genitals to your heart.

If you’re a vulva owner, get into the moment of climax, ride, and expand that moment. Then, give yourself a little beat or two of rest, and take yourself back into the next orgasm.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of tantric masturbation. 

  1. Make sure you’re comfortable.
  2. Be in a place where you can relax.
  3. Use a good quality chemical-free organic nut oil.
  4. Make the experience reverential by choosing music that sets the tone of expanded pleasure.
  5. Ensure you have privacy so you can relax because arousal begins in relaxation.
  6. Acknowledge that you have a varying orgasmic response each time you masturbate and that whatever is suitable for your body at that moment is fine.

This should be enough for now. Next week, we’re going to cover Part 3 of this Tantric Masturbation series. 

For now…

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