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Tantric Sexual Masturbation Explained (Part 1 Of 3)

Read on to learn more about orgasm and masturbation.

What is tantric masturbation?

Tantric masturbation, as I define it, is the notion of being in a state of orgasmic self-pleasuring that goes on longer than a simple climax. It is a slow, mindful, expanded pleasure experience — a gift of health and joy you give to yourself lovingly and shamelessly.

How does one get into a state of orgasmic pleasure? In a “regular orgasm,” the arousal builds to a release, and the person is complete. In a Tantric pleasure state, you can not only stack orgasms but also expand the duration of each. And you do this without ejaculating if you’re a penis owner.

To better understand what Expanded Orgasms are, I’ll contrast them with other kinds of orgasms.

Let’s start with “Regular Orgasm”—the type you’re most familiar with.

Regular Orgasm is the “typical” type of orgasm most men and the majority of women experience. It may take longer for a woman than it does for a man. And women often like to experience a long climb with more plateaus.

In Regular Orgasm, the experience is focused on the genitals, ending with an explosion or intense climax with 8 to 10 contractions of the pelvic muscles. These contractions are about a second apart and are usually intensely pleasurable.

The famous sex researchers from the 60s, Masters, and Johnson, described four stages of Regular Orgasm:

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. Orgasm
  4. Resolution

Here’s a diagram to help you visualize these phases. 

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You can see that the amount (level) of arousal (sexual pleasure and interest) increases with stimulation (time), climbs to a plateau, then climaxes, and finally declines (usually pretty quickly, especially in men).

In the excitement phase, you see signs of arousal, like increasing vaginal lubrication – that’s when she starts getting wet! This is when a man becomes hard (engorged). The pleasure can build slowly at first and then accelerates.

In the plateau phase, you see changes in heart rate and respiration—so that’s where all the breathing intensifies. The woman becomes engorged (her vaginal lips and those deeper places in the clitoral structure become swollen with blood)—some men “leak” clear, viscous fluid at this point. In a Regular Orgasm, the arousal builds, reaching a “point of inevitability”—a point of no return.

Then there’s the orgasm phase, which is self-explanatory, and I’ve already described the typical 8 to 10-second climax. Sometimes (especially if there’s been lots of foreplay and time to build arousal), this climax can fill the whole body with a massive and pleasurable release.

And in the resolution phase, you have rapid relaxation, a drop in blood pressure, slowing breathing, and other signs of decreasing arousal. The engorgement fades quickly (more quickly, usually for men). People differ in their responses to this phase—some like to cuddle, some prefer quiet time alone, or drift into a trance or sleep while others leap energized.

Picture a Regular Orgasm like climbing a mountain. You climb, enjoy the peak briefly, and then come down to the other side.

Though people across the gender spectrum can achieve repeated full-body orgasms, the common thought is that only women are multi-orgasmic; men can only orgasm again after recovering from a refractory period.

That is not the case at all. Everyone can enjoy the same full-body orgasms without ejaculation or needing a long refractory period. Women can ejaculate during these multiple orgasm sessions. Female ejaculation has a shorter refractory time than male ejaculation. Male multiple orgasms are when men separate ejaculation from orgasm and circulate orgasm in their bodies instead of shooting it out of their penis. Orgasm and ejaculation are separate systems in the body. Most men just conflate the two and assume one goes with the other. Men can become multi-orgasmic by learning how to have “ejaculatory choice.” They can have repeated energy orgasms and choose when to ejaculate.

Multiple Orgasms 

In a Multiple Orgasm, the lover receives genital stimulation and has a Regular Orgasm. Mmm, it feels delicious, too! Then, they start down the other side of the mountain but not all the way, climbing up again. They can then experience another climax or peak. Yum! They may have two or more extremes, and when they are done coming, they’ll return down the other side of the mountain (the resolution phase). 

Here is a diagram of Multiple Orgasms.

With a brief pause to let the nervous system rest, one can enter another orgasm shortly after. Toggling the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system by stimulating and then allowing a break or “peaking” encourages the body to reach for more stimulation, increasing desire and resulting in additional orgasms. 

Stair-stepping stimulation lets the body come over and over.

This should be enough for now. Next week, we will cover Part 2 of this Masturbation and Orgasms series. 

For now…

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